Unveiling Nature’s Wonders: Discover 15+ Exquisite and Unconventional Houseplants That Will Captivate Your Senses.

1 – Dolphin Succulents

The internet is on fire because of these cute little beauties. That might be because they look exactly like little swimming dolphins! The technical name for this adorable succulent is Senecio Peregrimus. I haven’t seen any in local shops as of late, but I’ve got my eyes peeled for them at my local plant shops.

Nature is amazing! This plant nailed it! These cute little succulents look just like a swimming dolphin!

2 – Marimo Moss Balls

These cute little delights are perfect for your fish tank. They are made of algae which are grown in spherical shapes and live underwater. All you have to do to maintain these low-maintenance beauties is change the water every few weeks and keep the plant in low light – indirect light works best.

3 – Trachyandra

Trachyandra is a genus of plants similar to Albuca and is native to South Africa. It features a curly squiggly branch and reminds me of curly pasta! Each branch is unique and has perfect symmetry. I can see bunches of them in a huge pot on my windowsill! You can also feature just one plant in a little pot too – perfect to perk up your bathroom!

4 – Rose Succulents

These beautiful plants are called Greenovia Dodrentalis and one of my personal favorites. They are called Rose Succulents, obviously because they look just like a rose! They are so easy to maintain – all you have to do is water them when the soil is dry.

5 – Crassula Umbella

This beauty resembles a donut! They are also nicknames Wine Cup which I like my nickname better. The flowery buds branching out of the top are perfection. They can grow up to six inches tall when beautiful buds are in full bloom. This succulent is a must for me – I love how hearty it is and, like most succulents, easy to take care of.

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6 – Euphorbia Obesa

Native to South Africa – this strange beauty is very easy to care for. It requires very little pampering to stay healthy. They are very self-sufficient, and like most succulents, more die from too much care and watering than from neglect. I appreciate how nature always manages to bloom spectacular flowers from most succulents. I love the banded array of colors of the Euphorbia – purple and green are a perfect pair!

Its nickname is the Baseball Plant – it’s huge in its width and can grow up to 15 centimeters wide. Like most succulents, it holds water to store for droughts. Smart! I’m not so sure I agree with the word “obesa” in its name. Wiki says it means obese woman – gosh! Let’s call it a Baseball Plant!

7 – Euphorbia Caput-Medusae

This unique beauty has a very interesting nickname; Aptly called Medusa’s Head, its wiry branches reach out to the sun for attention. Like so many of these darling succulents, this one is native to South Africa.

I love the bulbs and how interesting they are in shape and size. I’m sure they are easy to take care of and look lovely paired with something like the Rose Succulent.

8 – Platycerium

This oddity is simply stunning! It’s the perfect way to decorate your walls with its branchy beauty. I can see this mounted to a wooden plank and displayed handsomely on a wall in an office, den, living, or anywhere in your home. It’s also nicknamed the Staghorn Fern because it’s shaped like animal horns.

As displayed below, this beautiful plant would add color and character to any home. It would be perfectly at home hanging in my backyard deck area.

Since we finally killed the backyard weeds and without chemicals, this beauty would add some life and color to my patio space.

9 – Euphorbia Tirucalli

Sticks on fire or Euphorbia Tirucalli Rosea makes a bold statement with its branches of fire. It looks like a combination of coral and succulent combined. This strange but beautiful plant can grow up to 25 feet tall. Talk about making an entrance!

10 – Haworthia Cooperi

This fleshy plump succulent is one of my favorites. If it were eatable, I’d love to pop one of its juicy bulbs right into my mouth. It’s not safe, so don’t do it!  Between the color and the reflective pattern is the perfect houseplant. It’s small and would pair so perfectly with larger succulents for a wonderful succulent tablescape arrangement.

I also love how you can use rocks and gravel to surround this unusual houseplant. Super easy to maintain and beautiful to look at, this succulent would make a wonderful addition to your home.

11 – Sedum Morganianum

This is one succulent I can speak of from experience – it’s wonderfully easy to maintain and always gets noticed with loads of compliments. It’s aptly nicknamed the Donkey Tail. Mine grew wonderfully and can grow up to 24 inches. Its leaves are blue-green and are native to Mexico and Honduras.

12 – Corkscrew Grass

I am charmed by its elegant twisting branches. This beauty tends to spread easily when it’s planted in the ground. Perfect to use as a filler between plants in your garden. In a pot, it’s simply charming and would look perfect paired with other succulents and plants. Strange and beautiful houseplants are always a great way to beautify your home.

13 – Gentiana Urnula

Nicknamed the Starfish Succulent, this beauty is truly low maintenance. I love the geometric elegance of its shape and design. Perfect for a rock garden or potted in a planter, this beauty would make a lovely addition to any home.

14 – String Of Pearls

If you are like me and are looking for an easy succulent to grow indoors, the String of Pearls plant is the way to go. Nicknamed Senecio Rowleyanus, this beauty grows by leaps and bounds. Its thin thread-like stems and fleshy round branches are what makes this strange and yet beautiful succulent so desired. I’m so in love with these strange and beautiful houseplants, aren’t you?

I would display this in the corner ceiling of any room, so its beautiful draping branches touch the ground. You don’t want to water this succulent too much as it can cause root rot, and that’s a huge no-no!

15 – Hoya Plant

I was surprised to learn there are around two hundred species of Hoya. They are tropical plants that need relatively high heat and humidity, so these beauties are worth it if you can provide that living condition. They have incredible symmetrical blooms and are breathtakingly beautiful in color and design.

I hope you enjoyed these strange and beautiful houseplants as much as I did in sharing them with you.

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