10+ Brilliant A-Frame House Interior Designs to Optimize Your Space

Use these A-Frame house interior design ideas to find your style and maximize every square inch of your space.

The steeply pitched roofs of A-Frames create interior walls like no other. While the unique shape is a selling point, it also makes for a smaller second-floor and awkward furniture placement.


Creative Interior Design Ideas for A-Frame Homes

If you’re having a hard time decorating your cabin, try these A-Frame house interior design tips.

Add Drama to Your A-Frame Powder Room


Don’t let small A-frame powder rooms prevent you from packing a big design punch. Break up the space with different colors and textures. The designers of this bathroom added painted paneling to the wall, painted the ceiling black, and used wallpaper that ties all the colors together.

A benefit of A-frame bathrooms is that because they’re so small, you don’t have to spend a fortune for a high-end look.


Keep the Interior Light and Airy

For a small A-frame interior, keep colors light and furniture minimal to avoid a cluttered look. In this house, a light wood floor grounds the space, giving it a Scandinavian style. The designer avoided wall decor, allowing the windows to take center stage.

If you’re after a simple but modern look, stick with a less-is-more approach.

Create Extra Sleeping Space in an A-Frame with Bunk Beds


Bunk beds are a space-saving solution for A-frame interiors. Whether you have kids or want to provide sleeping space for guests, you can build bunk beds into the wall. If you’re not great with DIY, purchase a premade set.

To create a cohesive space, use a material that complements your cabin’s design or paint the beds to match your color scheme.

Modern Rustic A-Frame Living Room


If you love modern and rustic, combine them, like the designers of this modern a-frame house interior. The metal kiva fireplace draws your eye towards the windows, complementing the focal point. The rest of the room is cozy without being cluttered.

If you want to make windows the star of your room, consider arranging your furniture to face the outdoor views.


Mix Wood Tones for Visual Interest


Multiple wood tones and lush greenery create an earthy atmosphere in this loft a-frame house interior. If you’re thinking of redoing your walls, consider a mix of materials. The rustic wood on the front wall complements the pine, adding texture.

Use soft neutrals and layer in your favorite houseplants to carry on an earthy look.

Take Advantage of Awkward Nooks


The owners of this simple A-frame took advantage of this awkward nook, maximizing every square inch. The bottom bunk beds offer extra storage with three pull-out drawers, a side table, and a shelf above. The loft area provides an additional place for guests to sleep.

Custom builds are the best options to make the most of angled nooks.

A-Frame Bedroom with Focal Wall


Whether your A-frame bedroom is large or small, you can create a focal point where the wall comes to an “A.” In this big A-frame bedroom, there was enough space for two beds with a dresser between. The designer chose a modern nature-inspired look with black, wood, and neutral accents.

For a focal wall, consider using paint, wallpaper, or a custom wall treatment.

Keep Furniture Sparse for an Uncluttered Look


Even though the furniture and decor are traditional, the homeowners kept accessories sparse for an uncluttered look. A setup like this allows you to focus on the view and people in the house, rather than dealing with constant upkeep.

Excess decor becomes a distraction when you have an A-frame with beautiful views and wood ceilings.

Hang Curtains for Privacy in the Loft


A-frame loft interiors can pose a privacy challenge. An easy and inexpensive way to add a partition is to hang a set of curtains. Loft users can pull the curtain shut at night or whenever privacy is needed.

Other loft privacy ideas include folding doors, screens, or drywall to close off the area.

Save Space with a Narrow Staircase


Choosing the right staircase for an A-frame is difficult – you want it to look good but not eat up all your ground-floor space. A narrow staircase like this solves that problem. It provides a sturdy way to reach the second floor with a small footrpint. It even features extra shelves and drawers for storage.

You could also use a spiral staircase or custom ladder as a space-saving solution.

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