24+ Stunning Almond Nail Designs to Elevate Your Manicure Style in 2023.

The almond-shaped nails are back in fashion! Almond nails are the new trend of 2023:they make the hands tapered and elegant, they lengthen the shape of the fingers and are suitable for any type of hand. Almond nails are perfect with sober or pastel colored nail art, and on which strong colors will give a particularly aggressive stunning touch.

Let’s see some ideas for 2023 nail art  made on one of the most beautiful shapes to give to long nails.

Sober Almond Nail Design

A fashion trend that always looks impressive, regardless of the general style of the image, pink shades is always cute and impressive for any designs and shape.

Natural Colored Almond Style

Natural colored nails are very feminine. The gradient color gel from pink to milky white makes the nail more tapered and perfect for any occasion, even for a future bride!

Jungle Leaves

This almond nail design perfect for warm autum in this year, and would bring so moch compliments along the way.

Raibow Show

How not to forget the oleographic powders for nails with a metallic mirror effect . This beautiful rainbow color gives its best with the sun, best performance to show it off in 2022.

Burgindy Formation

The burgindy color is appreciated a little by everyone. Combined with almond nails , it makes the manicure sophisticated and versatile.

Pastel Shades

Pastel colors are most recommended for nail art on almond nails.


Almond nails with a marble effect ? It’s definitely a yes! Interesting nail art to take inspiration

Turtoise Path

Particular nail art on almond nails made with a dark nail polish in turtoise details.

Black Nails

The black nail polish gives almond nails a very rock allure.

Tribal Print

If you are looking for a design in your Manicure for summer that makes you go out of the conventional and helps you look sensational, nothing better than betting on long nails with tribal prints, using a must of styles and designs that give that great touch to your nails

Fench Print

You defiitely will never go wrong with french manicure and will absolutely look more stunning on almond-shaped nails.

Warm Blue

For those who want to be in line with the trends of the season: warm blue colored nails .

Light Slime

Lovers of shock colors will appreciate the green nail polish. Enhance tanned hands and darker complexions.


ssymetic nails is a trend still very popular for spring, involves the use of five of the same color gradations. Better if used with strong and intense colors.

Pink Proposal

And here is a proposal in shades of matte. The almond-shaped nails make more slender fingers, the manicure is also suitable for stronger colors that usually tend to make it look like stubby hands.

Purple Fruit

If you are a fan of stamping your nails with fruit designs, think no more, because precisely during this season, the fruit print on manicure is on trend and looks fantastic, so give your French design a 360º turn to add pumpkins

Forever and forever, pink, peach or nude will be one of the favorite shades for summer. Peach pink is one of the season’s most bohemian manicure trends, integrating this pretty shade into the design that adds freshness and good vibes.

Gold Vein

Think about some elegant simple details? o with this idea bu adding some gold vein lines with golden gilme.

Summer Wave

Almond nails are suitable for simple and wavy on colorful summer vibes.

Nude and Gold

Wanna look clear but glimmer that this ideas will look perfect on you. Classic almond nails youhave to try this year and suitable for any season,

The 7th Galaxy

The starry night nails for astrologycal obsess.

Cherry Cut

Always bright and attractive ideas of the look in bright shades of the feminine range. The color red is considered universal for everyday wear and evening style. Perfect for bright and warm season in 2022.

Perfect Power

For the most romantic, a proposal with golden glitter and powder pink and green nail polish . The almond-shaped nails are perfect for this kind of nail-art , because they confer greater class and grace.

Timeless French Nails

The timeless French manicure will bring out the almond-shaped nail to the maximum, especially if you choose it in a glitter color : in summer it is a type of nail art in great demand because its brilliance enhances the tan even more.

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