27+ Beautiful Moon and Star Nails: Get Inspired for Your Next Manicure.

Capture the essence of the night sky and wear the moon and stars on your nails!

If you haven’t heard about the moon and star nail designs, you’re at the right place – we have selected over thirty of the cutest style to inspire your next manicure!

If you’re bored with single-tone nail polish color and tried all the colors of the rainbow, adding some more personality to your nails is the step in the right direction!

Moon and star nail designs come in so many variations, color combinations and nail art designs that you’re bound to find a design you will love. Inspired by the night sky, this nail design trend doesn’t come in dark colors only, it looks pretty spectacular on nude nails with gold nail art. No matter what nail polish color you love the most, you can add pretty stars and moon shapes in a contrasting color to instantly transform your manicure.

These moon and star nails look fabulous also for a special event – all you need to do is to add some glitter nail polish or include some rhinestones to take your manicure from an everyday look to party-ready. Below are some examples you can use for inspiration.

Get ready to browse our curated collection of super cute manicures that will get you excited about your next nail salon appointment.

1. Purple & Gold Moon and Star Nails

2. Neutral Silver Moon and Star Nails

3. Black & White Moon and Star Nails

4. Minimalist Moon and Star Nail Design

5. Glitter & Gems Moon and Star Nail Design

6. Night Sky Moon and Star Nail Design

7. Sparkling Star and Moon Nail Design

8. Purple Night Sky Nails

9. Royal Blue Night Sky Nails

10. Gold Dusted Moon and Star Nail Design

11. Emerald Green Moon and Star Nail Design

12. Green & Gold Nails

13. Minimalist Bare Star & Moon Nails

14. Simple Nude Star & Moon Nails

15. Dark Blue Star & Moon Nail Design

16. Bold Moon and Star Nail Design

17. Galaxy Inspired Moon and Star Nail Design

18. Clouds with Moon and Star Nail Design

19. Evening Sky Nail Design

20. Monochrome Sky Nail Design

21. Royal Purple with Glitter

22. Blue and Gold Night Sky Nails

23. Black and Gold Night Sky Mountain Peak Nails

24. French Tips with Moon and Stars

25. Feature Star Nails

26. Sky Treasure Nails

27. Oversized Star Design

28. Pretty in Lavender Star Design

29. Burgundy Red Moon and Star Nails

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