45+ Pink Nail Art Designs That Will Make You Want to Show Off Your Mani.


An Ombre nail design is where the color gradually transitions from light to dark or into a totally different color. They are all the rage because they have a seamlessly blended and elegant look. Check out these pink Ombre nail designs that are ultra sophisticated and stylish.


Nude & Pink Ombre

Soft Pink Ombre

Blush Pink Powder Ombre

Pink Gradient Ombre

Strawberry & Orange Sorbet Ombre


I love marble nails because they always looks so opulent and luxurious. But despite looking super fancy, they are actually pretty easy to recreate with gel polish and a thin striper brush. If you’re considering getting them done or even doing them yourself, here are some beautiful pink marble nails for inspiration.


Pink & White Marble

Pink Marble with Silver Flecks

Pink Marble with Gold Glitter

Magenta Marble Nails

Vibrant Fuchsia Marble Nails

Rose Quartz Marble with Silver Cuffs


Pink swirls are another nail design that are fun and easy to recreate. There are so many variations to get super creative with. Then again, you could always just show a screenshot of one of these pretty pink swirl nail designs to your nail tech.


Dark Pink & White Swirls

Pastel Pink & White Swirls

Metallic Pink with White Swirls

Pink with Negative Space Swirls

Orchid Pink Swirls

Pink & Gold Swirls

Hot Pink with Silver Chrome Swirls

Shimmery Pink with Magenta Swirls

Pink Paint Swirls


Of course, we couldn’t do a pink nail art roundup and not include the cutest of them all, pink hearts. Wear any of these pink heart nail designs for Valentine’s Day or any time of year.


Pink Hearts with Rhinestones

Glittery Pink with Negative Space Heart

Pink French & Negative Space Hearts

Pink French with Heart & Rhinestone Accent

Hot Pink French with Heart Accent

Pink Heart French Tip

Pink with Gold Hearts

Pink Hearts with Metallic Fuchsia Swirls

Pink French with 3D Hearts


If you thought animal print was only for clothing and car seat upholstery, think again. Animal print nail art has become super trendy, especially when paired with an unexpected color like pink.


Blush Pink & Black Leopard Print

Fuchsia with Leopard Print Accent

Pink with Cow Print Accent

Pink & White Cow Print Tips

Pink Snake Print

Matte Pink Leopard Print

Pink Zebra & Leopard Print

Pink Panther Nail Art


Here are just a few more cute and playful pink nail art designs that will definitely catch everyone’s attention.


Magenta & Silver Studs

Monochromatic Pink Flames

Monochromatic Pink French Mani

Sheer Pink with Gold Cuffs

Pink “Blush” Nails with Stars


Gel nails are all the rage these days but acrylic nails are still very much alive and well, especially long acrylic nails with ornate nail art. Here are some stunning pink acrylic nail art designs for those who love a statement nail.


Pink Ombre

Pink Cat Eye with Rhinestones

Pink Gradient French Tips

Peachy Pink Heart Tips

Pink Sweater Texture with Rhinestones

Pink Acrylic 3D Nail Art

Final Thoughts

I hope one of these stunning pink nail art designs inspires you to go get that super cute mani done. I personally love the pink marble nails especially because they are easier to recreate than I thought. Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites and thank you so much for stopping by!

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