49+ Dazzling Neon Nail Designs and Vibrant Colors to Energize Your Next Manicure!

1. Lemonade Neon Nails

Starting off strong with these trendy neon nail designs.

We have the striking coffin nail that comes with oodles of personality and chicness.

Layer some borderline luminescent yellow neon nail varnish on top, and you’ve completed the glowing look.

This is one neon manicure you’ll want to take with you to festivals, parties, and any other place you want your nails to shine.

2. Neon Petal Nails

As you can see from these delightfully understated nails, neon doesn’t always mean extravagance.

Instead, you can invite a more mellow party to your neon nail designs by laying down a creamy base.

As I’ve always been obsessed over short nails, these are the upgraded version you can get for cute yet chic short summer nails this year.

We recommend keeping this canvas as light as possible but going in for two layers to add a “fuller” look to the manicure.

Now that you’ve set the backdrop, you can move on to adding a splash of orange neon.

The teardrop shapes that make up the fun flowers can be achieved with a makeup brush; however, to keep lines clean and exact, we recommend dipping a toothpick into the polish and drawing the flowers on.

3. Neon Orange Nails

When we think of neon, bright orange is one of those fluorescent colors that come to mind.

It’s citrusy, zesty, and totally full of life, and it also just happens to be right on trend for summer year in, year out.

Taking their trendiness to the next level are the striking coffin shape nails that are a huge hit this year.

Getting this look is as simple as keeping your nails long and filed across the top. Apply a layer or two of ultra-shiny orange neon nail polish, and you’re good to go.

4. Neon Doubled French Tip Line

Some people think neon on its own is eye-catching enough; however, when it comes to festival or summer party nails, we say go all out, especially considering that unique, distinct, and loud nails are all in at the moment.

These nails teeter between a coffin and square shape, giving them a less dramatic look that’s made up for what’s to follow. I can say these are an upgraded summer French tip nails for your next French mani.

That follow-up act is white tips lined with yellow neon polish.

For best results, we suggest roughly applying the white tips before covering any “outside the line” parts with the neon yellow polish.

5. Reverse French Nails with Matte Finish

There’s something warm and fiery about these nails that are reminiscent of a rising sun.

They’ll fit right in on evening picnics and add a pop of color to those long days spent basking in the sun with friends.

Better still, red and orange are colors that blend well with most summery shades, meaning your nails won’t clash with your outfits.

There’s really nothing complicated to mastering the reverse French nail style. If you’d like to play it safe, a layer of red polish, followed by a slightly higher layer of orange polish, works best.

That said, we recommend applying the orange first and the red after, as the darker shade always works best on top.

6. Tutti Fruity Neon Nails

These nails are just darling from cuticle to tip of their dramatic coffin-square style.

They’re a wonderful mix of psychedelic and funkadelic, making them retro-cool, which is all the rage for Summer.

Don’t be put off by the complex appearance of the nails; they’re actually quite easy to recreate and just require dropping a few drops of color into the water and swirling it with a toothpick before dipping your nail into the swirled shades.

Once you pull your nail out, you should have a gorgeously colored oasis across your nails.

7. Mandarina Long Almond Nails

If you’re tired of classic neon nails, why not spice things up with an accent nail? This gorgeous neon manicure makes the most of radiant orange polish with a twist.

We can also see sprinklings of this neon polish on the muted violet accent nail, alongside neon pink polish that’s used to create cute flowers.

Since the accent nail requires detailed work, we recommend you use a toothpick to get all of the lines and dots right.

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8. Neon Ombre Orange Nail Design

Ombre nails are huge this year and are looking to soar even higher on the trend charts come this summer.

They look just as good day to day as they do at festivals or in an Insta-worthy picture.

Going ombre is also one of the best ways to enjoy the liveliness of neon without having to go all out.

To complete ombre nails, you’ll need a basecoat first, followed by three different shades of polish.

Once applied to the tip, middle, and base, respectively, before being blended into one another.

Finally, apply a top coat, and your neon manicure looks fabulous.

9. Multi Color Neon French Tips

If you think having short nails means you can’t get the most out of neon shades, think again.

This neon nails idea proves that if you file or cut your nails across the top and line up five of your favorite colors, you can have adorably funky neon French tip nails that are sure to steal the show.

A lovely detail is a stirring line that separates the nail from the tip, so be sure you have a shade darker of every color you pick for that extra flair.

10. Bright Lime Long Square Nails with Stars

Neon nail designs work best when the nail design matches the drama and extravagance of the radiant color.

Here we have a perfect example of that match made in heaven with long square nails paired with bright lime neon polish.

Adding some star power to the already powerful manicure are accent nails on both hands.

These stars may be hard to achieve with nail polish, so it could be wise to invest in some nail art or nail stickers.

11. Rainbow Neon Nail Design

While we all know and love vertical ombre, horizontal ombre nails are gaining in popularity.

The subtle variation in shade is more pronounced on these long square nails, which enhances the softer neon shades that make up this multi-colored manicure.

Interestingly, the little finger is totally pink, making for an elegant detail on these delightfully adorable nails.

12. Neon French Tip Nails

These nails are stunning. The playful shades bring tropical sunrises to mind, making these the perfect nails to wrap around your favorite summer cocktail.

They also make the most out of short square nails and two of today’s most trendy nail styles: ombré and French tips.

By taking the shades yellow, orange, and pink, you can complete the two Ombre nails before adding a tip of each shade across three fingers for the perfect summer look.

13. Neon Lime Nails

Neon green is a favorite every year. It’s synonymous with the word neon and can be seen throughout festivals year-round.

So, if you’re looking for neon nail ideas that’ll last the whole year, this is the one.

Unique to this manicure is that the shape appears coffin-style, but really, all you have to do is maintain long nails, file them across the top, and layer on the green neon nail polish.

If you want to have these neon nails for a short period of time just because you fancy neon nails trend, you’ll want to get press on nail extensions.

You can find different styles and price of nails extensions depending on the shape of them too.

14. Neon Nail Colors Combo

If you can’t decide which neon nail color to choose, why not have them all?

You’ll get to show your true colors with this radiant and fun neon manicure that uses almost every shade you can find.

Orange, pink, yellow, and green are used, with some covering a full nail while others are carefully streaked across other nails for a beautifully textured appeal.

15. Leon and Lemonita Neon Nails

Yellow and pink are prime neon colors that everyone loves. They’re full of life and just scream fun.

Add a touch of swirls to the mix, and you have yourself a manicure that’s somewhat timeless but also right on trend right now.

Swirls require a bit of attention, but we recommend you color a whole nail first before covering one half with the swirled contrasting color to minimize mistakes.

16. Pink and Orange Abstract Nails

Here’s one for the girlies with shorter nails.

If you’re worried your neon manicure won’t stand out due to the stature of your nails, this neon nail idea proves otherwise.

It combines pretty pink neon with funky neon orange swirls for a gorgeously captivating look.

17. Hot Summer Nail Colors

This neon manicure brings out the best of the whole rainbow.

It incorporates everyone’s favorite neon shades into one look, and the best part is that you can enjoy this looks with nails of any size.

While the image displays short and square, this neon manicure really works on pretty much any hand, so don’t hesitate to reach into your nail varnish collection and try this look out!

18. Ombre Brush Nail Design

Most people turn away at the prospect of trying out three-tone ombre nails.

True, they can be tough to master, but they’re worth it in the end, especially when they’re “loud” and eye-catching, like this neon manicure.

To achieve this look, place a drop of each color on the nail. One near the cuticle, one in the middle, and one at the tip.

Proceed to blend carefully and smooth over with a clear top cover for a glossy finish.

19. Glossy Neon Orange Nail Art

Neon nail ideas aren’t always ideal for formal occasions. However, some manage to perfect the casual look, meaning they can be worn in the office just as well as at a rave.

This is one of those manicures that can do it all.

Better still, it’s simple to achieve. Since it includes painting every nail with a bring neon shade before coating it with a glossy cover, it’s one of the more simple yet effective looks on the list.

20. Red Fred Neon Nail Design

You’ll love catching a glimpse of these elegantly extravagant nails throughout the day.

They cover all the trendy bases, including abstract, French tips, and contrasting shades, and all with a dazzling neon cherry on top.

The key to achieving this gorgeous look is to keep your nails long and filed straight across the top. A classic tip should suffice, followed by a cuticle tip.

21. Poison Greensetter Nail Design

If you’re feeling a little extra, this is the neon nail idea for you.

It’s fun, funky, and all of your friends will be asking where you got the inspiration. Incorporating swirls, fun patterns, negative space, and eggshell effect, it’s got all of the quirky manicure elements in one cute nail idea.

This one won’t be easy to complete, and it may be best to take it to your nail tech to allow them to do it justice.

22. Bringing Summer Vibes

Sunshine, good vibes, and cocktails in the sun are written all over these nails.

These nails will get you in that summer mood with just one glance at the right-on-trend swirls and bright orange shades.

We recommend using a smaller brush to apply the white, orange, and pink swirls before allowing to dry and covering with a clear, glossy varnish.

23. Taste the Rainbow Nails

This neon nail idea is as sweet as can be. I really can’t get enough of the contrasting colors that are elevated by bright neon shades.

While these looks can work on any size nail, as you can see from the image, they certainly work best on longer nails.

24. Neon Croc Print Nails

I just love how inventive this neon nail idea is. It puts a new twist on the classic neon nail manicure, bringing elements of the wild side that work perfectly for this already bold look.

So, if you’re looking for something a little unique this year, these are the neon nails for you. To recreate this look, you’ll have to act fast.

Start by applying a layer of pink varnish to other the whole nail or just the tip. Next, use a toothpick to draw in the lines and to clear the space between the varnish scales.

25. Neon Candy Nail Designs

These nails are so charming and easy going. They take a little bit of the extravagant factor out of the classic neon manicure and instead go for a softer look that’s achieved by rounded swirls and lighter neon colors.

To recreate, I would recommend starting with the full-colored nails before slicking the swirls on.

Be sure to keep a cotton bud or toothpick on hand to wipe away any mistakes.

26. Neon Flame Marble Nail Design

I am infatuated with the marble nail look. It’s so dreamy that you could almost fall head over heels into it.

I also love how easy it is to recreate this captivating look. Add a few drops of yellow and red varnish to water, swirls using a toothpick, and dip your nail into the cloudy varnish mix.

When you take your nail from the water, you should have a neon supernova across your nail.

Rinse and repeat until all of your nails look fabulous.

27. Hot Summer Swirly Vibes

This neon nail look really brings the heat. I like that it’s as fun as it is elegant, with a causal twist that completes the personality-filled manicure.

To achieve this look, take a light and hot pink neon varnish and apply small drops to either side of your nails.

Be sure to round and smoothen the drops out before coating them with a clear coat that really brings this neon look to life.

28. Pink Neon Nails

I simply love how loud these nails are. The wild patterns and funky neons refuse to be silenced as they take on the shape of one of the most glamorous neon manicures on this list.

That said, there’s no denying that the zebra pattern can be tricky to achieve.

I recommend painting the nail neon pink and letting it dry before attempting the yellow zig-zags so that any errors can be cleaned up right away.

29. Watermelon Neon Nails

I love this refreshing look. It actually makes me think of how juicy and sweet watermelons are and exudes summer vibes.

Long, straight across-top nails are key to this look that s quite busy. Start with the blush polish nails before moving on to the neons.

I recommend applying a drop of each color to the nails before blending and then moving on the specks before perfecting the adorable watermelon slice nail art.

30. Neon Ombre Nail Idea

We’ve been bombarded with vertical ombre nail looks, and I’m not complaining.

However, I’m always happy to see the horizontal ombre style, especially when neon shades are at play.

Here we also see the smart use of gradient shades that lead from lighter on the little finger toward darker on the thumb.

I think the square-rectangle nail shape is key to giving this dreamy look a sharper edge.

31. Sparkly Neon Star Nails

This is the perfect neon nails idea for parties, festivals, or even that much-anticipated getaway.

They’re full of life and personality and add a bright touch to all of your outfits. What’s more, they’re simple to achieve.

All you have to do is slick hot pink neon nail varnish on three of your nails before getting to work on the gorgeous accent nails.

To give them their flair, use a toothpick to draw on the stars, let them dry, and then place a dazzling diamond on top of each one.

32. Neon Orange and Pink Swirls

These nails look as sweet as dessert. They’re almost good enough to eat, and all of your friends won’t be able to take their eyes off your manicure’s beauty.

They’re eye-catching without being showy, and the key to that feature depends on the shape of the nail. Here, we see a blunted stiletto nail.

They’re shorter than the norm, but that works perfectly for the mellower style.

The pink and orange colors swirl together, meaning that you have some freedom to apply them as you wish, making this manicure entirely your own.

33. Matte Neon Multi Color French Nails

I have never seen nails like this before. They’re entirely one-of-a-kind and are sure to land you plenty of questions about where you got the amazing idea.

They take the classic French nail and add an explosion of color. The foundation of this look is steering away from complementing colors, instead opting for contrasting nail polish shades only.

I recommend painting the entire nail and allowing it to dry before applying the tip as usual.

Of course, this neon nail idea can be used on any nail shape, but a short stiletto certainly works best.

34. Simple Neon Lime Swirls

This manicure is the definition of neon nails. They take the famously hard-to-wear neon yellow polish color and turn it into a right-on-trend look.

These nails are ideal for a night out or for those sunnier stretches. They’re good vibes only and are sure to boost your mood.

Fortunately, they’re quite abstract, meaning you can swirl as you wish with little room for error.

Just be sure to leave some clear nail space to add a sprinkling of neon yellow dots that add some magic to the unique look.

35. Tie DIY Nail Design

These nails are the moment and are sure to make you the “it” girl anywhere you go. The strong coffin shape nails are already dramatic, but the funkadelic-chic look on top is truly what fashion and style are all about.

They make use of somewhat mellower, almost muted neon shades that give the nails a more casual edge that’s perfect day or night.

To achieve this look, have a toothpick on hand. Click on the lines of varnish speedily, one nail at a time.

Use the toothpick to strike through the varnish before it dries to perfect that funky tie-dye look.

36. Mauritius and White Frenchies

There’s something zesty about these citrusy nails that brings orange-flavored cocktails to mind.

There are also hints of oranges and cream thanks to the gorgeous white and orange swirls that sweet across two of the nails.

37. Neon Apple Green with Tangerine Nails

If you want a complex neon nail look without the effort, you’ve just found the right look for you.

All you need to complete this gorgeous manicure is neon green, neon pink, and black nail polish, and of course, long oval nails as a canvas.

Apply the neon varnish before splattering the black polish across the top to create the unique eggshell effect.

38. Orange and Pink Neon Flowers

While these impressive and vibrant nails look complex, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re a walk in the park to recreate.

Apply the textured flowers by carefully applying a diamond or gold centerpiece before adding the petals using a toothpick generously dipped in the nail varnish to create the 3D effect.

39. Tropical Long Nails

This neon nail idea looks like a holiday across your fingers. It brings sunrise vibes to mind and will be perfect for your dream getaway this year.

The warm yellow and orange shades gracefully cover the tip of the nail and are defined by a striking gold strip that can be applied to the coffin nails using a toothpick.

40. Neon Mix and Match Nail Design

Bringing out the best in neon pink, these nails are sensationally stylish, beautifully delicate, and entirely chic.

My favorite aspect of the nails is the high arches of the tips, which add length to the already elegantly long oval nails.

To avoid any pesky errors, be sure to apply the thin white swirls using a toothpick and keep a cotton bud on hand to wipe away any mistakes.

41. Neon Pink Swirls

If you can appreciate the beauty of short, oval nails, then this is the neon nail idea for you.

All it requires is that you apply a milky or creamy base and allow it to dry before adding pink and orange neon swirls over the top to complete the fabulously vibrant look.

42. Neon Glow in the Dark Summer Nails

These nails are marvelously merry and bring mountains of sweets, funfairs, and sunshine to mind.

You’ll feel full of life and oh-so-proud of your nails as you show this fabulous neon manicure off.

While it may look complex to achieve, it’s actually relatively simple. That said, it’ll take patience.

When it comes to the swirled nails, line up all of your shades and have them at the ready.

Apply a base layer before adding a swirled layer of another shade on top, leaving some of the bottom color peaking out. Repeat with different shades until you’ve completed the whole rainbow.

43. Neon Abstracts

We don’t often see square nails paired with neon polish, but as we can see, both sharp features work perfectly together.

The nails’ sharp edges are softened by the gently swooping lines of the swirls.

Apply a creamy or milky polish to the nails and allow to dry before adding the peachy neon swirls.

44. Fiery Swirls Nails

It’s usually hard to bring nail art to life on shorter nails, but here we have the perfect example of a mini-masterpiece manicure.

Using only red and yellow neon polish with some natural nails, this manicure is fabulously firey.

Be sure to take time applying the swirls and focus on making them all different sizes to really add another delightful dimension to the luscious look.

45. Neon Pink and Orange Heart Nails

These neon nails take the classic French nail and completely turn it on its head. They’re funky, fun, and entirely captivating.

They even have an artistic appeal that sparks the imagination, creating the illusion that the varnish is dripping from the tip of your nail toward the cuticle.

Perfect the coffin shape before applying the melting orange tips.

Follow that by applying neon pink hearts using a toothpick or stencil and adding a little dot to the bottom as the adorable cherry on top.

46. Coffin Ferrari Red Nails

Coffin nails and the color red are a match made in heaven. Here, we see both dramatic features coming together in beautifully stylish harmony that’ll add heat to your date nights.

I recommend you perfect your cuticles and file your nails straight across the top before applying your rich, red neon red varnish for a sharper appeal.

47. Yellow Lime and Hot Pink Nails

These neon nails are the epitome of flash. The lively pink and yellow shades seem to clash and play together in a way that’ll brighten up your and everyone else’s day.

While we figure you have the swirls down, we do recommend you use a base and cover layer of varnish to sharpen the look and really bring out those bright colors.

48. Pink Nails with Orange Swirls

It can be tough to make neon nails look elegant and classy. This neon nail idea offers a masterclass in just that courtest of the long, impressively almond nail shape paired with softer neon shades.

The pink varnish is effortlessly swirled through by orange varnish in what appears to almost be a watery effect.

The key to achieving this look is to not put too much thought into how you apply the orange polish, instead allowing the brush to guide you for a seamless appeal.

49.Pink Coral Nails

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