49 Must-Try Burgundy Nail Designs for Your Next DIY Manicure.

49 Burgundy nails designs for every style. Are you ready to elevate your look with burgundy nails? Classy and sophisticated, the burgundy hue is a shade for bold divas’ who wants to set a statement with their personality and look anywhere they go.

A beautiful and impeccable look does not only apply to the glowing face and dressing style. After your face, the first thing that someone sees after meeting up is your nails when someone’s shaking your hands to greet each other.

Whether you trying to make a good impression or charm your crush, coffin burgundy nails will work wonders for achieving your plan. This rich and mysterious nail shade isn’t only for the fall season. Burgundy nails are preferred by many brides who want to mix the classic and edgy without following a specific rule for their wedding.

Maroon nails designs are favorites by teenage girls and gothic divas who like to create their own style. Paired with gold and silver accessories and fabulous makeup, acrylic burgundy nails are chic and a forever trend.

Why Burgundy Nails?Burgundy nails are an excellent way to make your nails stand out and add a pop of color to your outfit. These nails are dark in color, which can go well with any fall or winter outfit, but not only that. Ombre burgundy nails are sophisticated and will help you look chic without much effort.

What Colors Go Well With Burgundy?Gold – Silver – Pink – Nude – Light yellow

Gold and silver are among the most popular colors that go well with burgundy nails. Gold is often seen as attention-grabbing, sassy, and glamorous. Adding a hint of gold nail polish or gold glitter to your stiletto burgundy nails will make them look fabulous, and you probably won’t even need a ring or other accessories.

Rose gold is another cool option for burgundy nails and the ideas below will surely inspire you to collect some ideas for the next time when you visit the nail spa.

1. Short Stiletto Burgundy Nails

2. Burberry Design Fake Burgundy Nails

3. Burgundy Rhinestone Stiletto Nails

4. Chic Coffin Burgundy Nails Design

5. Sangria Long Coffin Ballerina Stilettos False Nails

6. Burgundy V French With Rhinestone Coffin Press On Nails

7. Chic Dark Burgundy Nails

8. Ghotic Dark Red Coffin Nails Art

9. Classy Medium Length Burgundy Nails

10. Coffin Rose Gold Burgundy Nails

11. French Burgundy Press On Nails

12. Coffin Burgundy Nails Design

13. Glitter French Burgundy Nails

14. Short Burgundy Nails

15. Long Almond Burgundy Nails

16. Rose Gold Burgundy Nails

17. Long Burgundy Nails Art

18. Twister Burgundy Acrylic Nails

19. Press On Burgundy Fake Nails

20. Pretty Burgundy Press On Nails

21. Marble Rose Gold Burgundy Coffin Nails

22. Long Coffin Matte Burgundy Nails Design

23. Red Wine Glitter Prom Nails

24. Silver And Gold Glitter Burgundy Nails

25. Matte Short Burgundy Nails Design

26. Long Coffin Burgundy Nails Design

27. Acrylic Long Burgundy Nails Design For Classy Divas

28. Simple Short Burgundy Nails Design

29. Maroon Burgundy Nails Art – Press On

30. False Nails Matte Dark Red And Black Ombre

31. Black And Red Wine Nails With Silver Glitter

32. False Burgundy Press On Nails

33. Prom Burgundy Nails

34. Burgundy Leather Effect Press-On Nails

35. Dark Red Ombré Luxury Press-On Nails Set

36. Burgundy Matte Gold Chrome Nails Design

37. French Nude And Burgundy Nails

38. Chrome Pointy Burgundy Nails

39. Classy Gold Burgundy Nails Design

40. Glitter Galaxy Burgundy Nail Designs

41. Halloween Dream Catcher Burgundy Nail Art

42. Almond-Shaped Black And Burgundy Nails

43. Dark Red And Black Spider Web Press On Nails

44. Maroon Gel Nails Design

45. Cute Burgundy Polka Dot Nails Design

46. Glitter Press On Wine Nails

47. Coffin Gold Glitter Burgundy Nails Design

48. Wine Berry Gold Press On Nails

49. Luxury Burgundy And Rhinestone Nails Design

We hope you enjoy exploring these beautiful matte burgundy nails, and if you do so, share this post on social media or pin any image you like. You never know when you might need inspiration for these

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