85+ Aesthetic Rooms Decor Ideas (The Ultimate Inspo For Your Dream Bedroom, From Chill To Baddie).


Chill, laid back, relaxing, easygoing, no fuss, slow living. If any of these words resonate with who you are or how you want to feel in your sanctuary, you might love these chill aesthetic bedrooms. You don’t need much. Make sure you keep things as bright as possible, combining whites with soft hues and sprinkles of natural materials like light wood and raffia.



During my research, I felt particularly drawn towards light green, pastel, white, and thin stripes bedding, which I highly recommend to be part of your chill room decor. The light green is indeed relaxing and it brings nature hues to the room, which will indeed keep a chill environment.



Of all the beautiful aesthetic rooms in this post, the chill bedroom is the one that gets closer to a minimalist approach. But don’t worry, you can keep all your treasures and still have a room with a chill aesthetic.




Baddie Aesthetic Rooms With Led Lights


Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go wherever they want to, right? Hot pink, led lights, grey, black, fur, power statements, and an unapologetic way to go through life. Baddie girls’ rooms are bold and fierce like them. It’s not for the faint of heart.




Grunge Aesthetic Rooms


Oh, sweet child of mine! The grunge aesthetics represent the moody teen spirit we know today. To create this gloomy Wednesday wannabe vibe you must adopt some cluttercore on our walls and ceiling. Cover them with at least one Nirvana poster, cult movies, the 80s, and 90s music references, and pieces of vinyl. Before it became popular, the grunge movement started in Seattle as a counter-culture disruptive musical scene. So if you feel like the world and social network are too vain and superficial for you, if you feel disconnected from the mainstream, and if you prefer the solitude of your journal over frat parties, a grunge room may give some comfort to your aching soul.



You can add plants, vines, and led lights to make it cozier and more aesthetic if those accents really speak to your core essence. Otherwise, skip them and stick to the basic cult art elements.



There is no room for minimalism, pastel, or cute stuff in the grunge bedroom. It’s all about letting your room translate the existential anguish from your soul. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you read Sartre’s Nausea, Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, Schopenhauer’s On The Suffering of the World, and Nietzche’s Beyond Good and Evil. There’s a reason why classics are classics. And please, for the sake of your mental health, just open the windows once a day!




Indie Aesthetic Rooms


If you watched Wednesday and you fell for Enid’s bright soulful mood and colorful bedroom packed with tie dye, rainbows, and plushy fun teddy bears, the indie aesthetic might be for you.




Pastel Aesthetic Rooms


Soothing and sweet. Bedrooms in the pastel aesthetic feel like little girls’ bedrooms and there is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes our grown version has to intervene and rescue our abandoned child and if you need this delicate environment to bloom and rest, go for it.




Cute Aesthetic Rooms


Cute aesthetic bedrooms leave room for whatever your heart considers cute. The cutest decor inspiration brings led signs in lovely shapes like hearts, stars, and flowers, sweet color combinations, and uplifting wall art. Follow your heart.




Pink Aesthetic Rooms


Girly girls know what they want and it’s not open to discussion. The romantic princess lifestyle expresses love for all things beautiful, delicate, and in harmony. There’s no secret to achieving the pink aesthetic room. Go for pink bedding, pillows, and accents mixed with whites and beiges and you’ll have your princess chambres.




Cozy Aesthetic Rooms


If you’re into cozy rooms so early in life chances are that this aesthetic will follow you through decades because the older we get, the more we appreciate every inch of comfort and coziness we can get.



Plants Aesthetic Rooms


The green life is a good life! Among real greenery and fake vines, the urban jungle can take your room to a boho vibe if you wish, but the plant aesthetic goes beyond that. There’s no secret to it as well. If you know nothing about plants, do a little research but get your hands dirty. And yes, some plants might die, it’s called the circle of life. Don’t let it stop you from learning. Eventually, you’ll develop your green thumb and live in your own forest!



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