Breathtaking Selection of the World’s Most Exquisite Yellow Blooms: A Visual Delight of the Top 25.



1. Sunflowers:


Sunflowers are one of the well-recognized delightful yellow flowers. As the name suggests, sunflowers are connoted with bringing sunshine in the form of happiness to people. Sunflowers add liveliness to the ambience and are best suited for a summer wedding and your living room.

2. Chrysanthemum:


These dark, yellow coloured flowers symbolize optimism and hope. It is also believed that if a person gifts you with a bunch of chrysanthemum, it signifies that he/she is your secret admirer.

3. Black Eyed Susan:

Black eyed susan

These flowers look quite similar to the sunflower, except that their petals are widely spaced. This sunny yellow flower has a big eye shaped chocolate center from which it gets its name. The Black Eyed Susan flower symbolises encouragement. This amazing flower is perfect for graduation ceremonies.

4. Yellow Roses:

Yellow rose

Rose is one of the most popular flowers. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours. While most of the roses convey passion, love and romance, a yellow rose flower symbolizes springtime, friendship, appreciation and devotion. These beautiful blossoming flowers are graceful and have a delicate fragrance that make them a popular choice for graduation ceremonies, to express congratulation, baby showers and other jovial occasions.

5. Yellow Tulips:

Yellow tulips

Yellow tulips are known to be radiant and have a beautiful bright color, which induce beauty in every element present around them. Tulip is the national flower of Iran and Turkey. It symbolizes a sentiment of perfect love and affection. Yellow tulips were initially associated with unrequited love but now it stands for happiness, sunshine and warmth.

6. Yellow Dahlia:

Yellow dahlia

Dahlia comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Its petal can be spiky, round, or thin. Yellow dahlia is a symbol of commitment and bond that lasts forever. When given as a gift, it expresses sentiments of elegance and dignity.

7. Calla Lilies:

Yeloow calla lilies

Contrary to its name, calla lilies are not lilies and are in no way related to the lily family. They are members of Araceae family which includes flowers like Anthurium and caladiums. This fabulous flower blooms from the top of a thick stem and strongly resembles trumpet shaped rolled paper. A group of yellow lilies can be a wonderful addition to the garden and is an absolute favorite in decorating the house.

8. Peonies:

Yellow peonies

Peonies are native to Asia, southern Europe and North West America. Peonies are considered as a symbol of wealth, luck and happiness and represent elegance and poise. They come in shades like red, white and yellow.

9. Strelitzia:

Yellow strelitzia

The common name of this flower is ‘bird of paradise’. This unique flower resembles the actual bird of paradise. The unusual shape and brilliant colours of this flower have made it designer’s favorite flower.

10. Daffodils:


Daffodils are soft and tranquil flowers which represent respect and compassion. The beautiful colours of daffodils create a perfect setting for bouquets.

11. Stella d’ Oro Daylily:

Stella d oro daylily

This prize winning yellow flower is one of the most eye catching yellow flowers. Stella de Oro Daylily stands for ‘star of gold’.

12. Yellow Hydrangea:

Yellow hydrangea

Hydrangea plant is native to North America and is available in countries like Korea, Indonesia and China. Yellow hydrangea is often used for wedding. It is used to express gratitude.

13. Iris:

Yellow iris

Here comes another beautiful yellow flower,the Iris flower! It is named after the Goddess of rainbow. There are around 100 varieties of yellow iris. Yellow iris signifies passion and was often used by Victorian suitors to display their depth of feelings.

14. Marigold:

Yellow marigold

Marigolds are a blooming annual flower, which are perfect for growing in gardens. People usually avoid gifting this flower and it is barely used in flower arrangement as it represents grief, cruelty and jealousy. Some cultures also associate this flower with death as they play an important role on the Day of the Dead. In India though it is considered an auspicious flower and is used in garlands and marriage related flower decorations.

15. Graham Thomas Rose:

Graham thomas rose

The Graham Thomas rose is one of the most beautiful yellow roses. This wonderfully fragrant flower bears double golden yellow blooms. These flowers are usually deep golden in colour when they are new, and turn lighter as they age. This stunning flower is very fragrant and smells like fresh tea roses.

16. Yellow Orchids:

Yellow orchids

Orchids are of the most loved decorative flowers that come in various sizes and colours like white, yellow, and blue, purple, red and so on. Yellow orchids represent fertility, regality and excellence. These bright coloured flowers are often used in wedding and ceremonial flower arrangements. This lovely flower adds an elegant taste to any floral arrangement. There are two main varieties of yellow orchids, terrestrial and epiphytes. A delicate beauty for the eye, yellow orchid will be perfect complement for anyone who receives it.

17. Yellow Hibiscus:

Yellow hibiscus

Yellow hibiscus is a variety of hibiscus flower which is often associated with Hawaii. It is known to be flourishing and thriving in tropical climates. Yellow hibiscus is a sign of friendship and symbolizes platonic love. It also stands for beauty and exotic charm.

18. Yellow Carnation:

Yellow carnation flower

Yellow carnations are bright and vibrant flowers that can add sunshine to any one’s life. Along with their beautiful fragrance, this flower also carries a strong but negative meaning with itself. Yellow carnation stands for rejection and disappointment. So next time think twice before sending this beautiful looking flower to anyone.

19. Freesia:

Yellow freesia

Freesias come in a rainbow of colours and emit a heavenly smell. Freesias are the traditional flower for a seventh wedding anniversary. This long lasting flower stands for friendship and innocence. It also symbolizes trust and is commonly used during wedding occasion.

20. Ranunculus:

Yellow ranunculus

Smothered in rich golden yellow hues, this flower has been long acclaimed for its medicinal properties. Ranunculus, also known as buttercup, comes in various colors and each color carries a particular meaning with itself. Yellow ranunculus stands for bedazzled. This attractive flower is ideal for those who want to express their love to their beloved.

21. Acacia:

Yellow acacia

The Yellow acacia is considered as a true emblem of friendship. Apart from its beauty, this flower also has other significant uses. This flower is mostly used as a natural source of perfume and essential oils. The yellow acacia symbolizes secret love in the language of flowers.

22. Golden Columbine:

The Columbine is one of the most beautiful wild flowers. This species of flower is famous for spreading love and joy all over. These wild flowers carry a number of meanings within itself. It stands for foolishness because of its resemblance to a jester’s cap. It was even considered to bring bad luck if gifted to a woman. On the other hand, this flower also symbolizes the innocence of the Virgin Mary. The petals of golden columbine symbolize the 7 gifts of the spirit.

23. Yellow Primrose:

Yellow primrose flower

The Primrose is a group of small flowers that are native to the Northern Hemisphere and bloom in early spring. Primrose is a member of primula genus and is a part of Primulaceae family. The pretty looking flowers are distinguished by their rosettes of basal leaves that resemble a lettuce. Traditional meaning of primrose is ‘I can’t live without you’. Thus primrose is a perfect flower to gift your beloved. In the language of flowers, yellow primrose symbolizes youth love.

24. Compass Flower:

Compass flower

The Compass flower belongs to the family of Asteraceae, its botanical name being Silphium. It is believed that the finger of God is suspended on its fragile stalk to direct the traveller’s journey. This beautiful flower also has some medicinal properties and is often used for the treatment of rheumatism and glandular enlargements.

25. Coreopsis:

Coreopsis flower

The vibrant yellow flower symbolizes hope and devotion and is often given to grieving people to bring a spot of cheer to their gloomy day. Thus coreopsis stands for cheerfulness.

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