Delightfully Charming: Explore 67+ Captivating Light Blue Nail Designs That Will Win Your Heart!

Plain and Simple Light Blue Nails

Wearing this minimalist and plain blue nails give you a youthful look and it’s back on trend again, so drive to your nail salon now and opt for this color on your next manicure.

Light Blue Flower Design Nails

STUNNING light blue nails with delicate flowers.

This design has us making a mani appointment right now.

The delicate flowers on this look is giving summer nail vibes and I’m here for it!

These are so gorgeous and sunny! So many fun designs and nail art here.

They seem like the perfect Spring nails to try this season!

Flower nail arts are for any age; it gives everyone — young, teens, and adults a vibrant look.

Light Blue Ombre Design Nails

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Tired of your classic French manicure? Bet it’s time to paint your nails these cute Ombre designs to change your look from basic to brilliant.

Light Blue Nails With Marble Designs

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These designs give a feeling like you’re looking at the sky and it conveys a calming sensation to your mind and body.

Light Blue Nails With Stones and Glitters

Have a party or event to attend? Or just wanna look sophisticated? These nail arts are for you!

Light Blue Nails With French Tips

Gorgeous, delicate light blue French manicure with little hearts.

A must try!

Okay, who says nail designs aren’t art?!

These waves are SO GORGEOUS!! I can’t stop looking at them…

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French tips are versatile that you can be able to pair it with multitude of styles and looks.

Light Blue Nails With Butterflies and Checkered Design

There’s always something magical about the butterflies.

Baby Blue Nails With Touch of Nude

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Light blue nails with a touch of nude always look good. The combination of the two colors is perfect and suits any outfit for any occasion.

Light Blue Nails for Holidays

Want to match your nails with the cold weather and holiday season? You might wanna try these nail arts.

Abstract & Swirls Light Blue Nails

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