Discover 15 Astonishing Staircase Designs Featuring Steel Railings.

Staircases are often focal points throughout multi-level residences, offices and other types of spaces and ever so often we come across designs that stand out for all the right reasons. In order to understand what makes a staircase look beautiful and fit into a space it’s important to think of it as a collection of different modules which complement each other. Yes, the stairs as a big part of the design but the railings are often what really stands out. There are many different types and styles to consider so we’ll narrow it down for today to steel railings. Let’s check out a few interesting designs.




This floating staircase was designed by studio Olgooco and is a part of a modern warehouse situated in Karaj, Iran. The idea was to combine the warehouse itself and its administration building into a single structure. The chosen design strategy involved avoiding typical solutions employed for similar structure in the surrounding area which make this warehouse quite unique. This beautiful steel staircase is part of that strategy.



This is not technically a staircase in the proper sense of the term but it is very interesting nevertheless. It’s something that was included in the design of a new cabin built on the a lake shore in Doksy, The Czech Republic. The structure replaced an old cabin and follows its original outline. It was designed and built by studios FAM Architekti and Feilden+Mawson. The staircase we mentioned has a very steep angle and is better described as a ladder with stylish railings. It offers access to a cozy loft area and is as beautiful as it is practical.


What you’re seeing here is a small part of a very interesting home situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Initially, this used to be an industrial kitchen. With time, creativity and effort studio CR2 Arquitetura managed to transform it into a space that the new owners could call home. They created voids filled with lush gardens and connected the floors with a simple but also sculptural and beautiful staircase with clean metal railings that become an important part of the whole interior.



This cool-looking steel staircase is part of the innovative interior design of a residence situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was a project completed by studio DZL Architects and it’s interesting in a variety of different ways. The site on which it stands is long and narrow and that influenced the overall layout of the house. It’s also part of the reason why this staircase was designed in this manner. It’s floating along the back wall and the thin metal rods that form the railing extend from top to bottom, creating a dividing wall.





This is one of the most massive and impressive staircases we’ve come across. It’s made of wood and steel and was designed by Paul Cocksedge. The idea behind it was to take the traditional design of the spiral staircase, to enlarge the diameter and to remove the central column in order to create this beautiful floating structure. This strategy also allowed a series of new spaces to be incorporated at the center of the staircase on various different levels.




The five-storey Welcome Collection building situated in London was redesigned in 2015 by Wilkinson Eyre Architects and part of the new design was a 17.5 metric ton steel staircase. This structure connects the ground and second floor and also entices visitors to check out the first floor gallery spaces and the restaurant above them. It’s a really cool design element and although it’s very massive it looks and feels sleek and lightweight thanks to its swirling shape.


This is the interior of a contemporary residence located in Tannay, Switzerland which was designed by architect Christian von Düring. It was a challenging project due to the narrow nature of the plot but the residence ended up looking very breezy, open and spacious. Part of what makes it so is this amazing-looking suspended staircase which connects the social area to the upper volume. It has zig-zag wooden steps and thin steel rods and railings which form a stylish support structure and also double as space dividers.


Located in Islo, Norway, this exhibition center is a building with a lot of character and a rich history. Between 1860 and 1980 the building has been redesigned numerous times and new additions and alterations have been made to its interior so the latest renovation done by studio Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor in 2004 aimed to reveal some of these changes. At the same time, new elements were added, such as this large staircase. It has a sturdy metal frame and railings combined with frosted glass panels.



Among other interesting details, the house designed by studio 3ARCH in Huixquilucan, Mexico features this nice and simple staircase. It’s floating along a large wall framing a beautiful indoor-outdoor garden space with a big tree at the center. The zig-zag stairs blend in with the wall behind them and the steel railings are very thin and sleek, providing support and safety without standing out more than necessary.



Another beautiful staircase was designed by deltastudio for a modern home situated in Caprarola, Italy. It’s a minimal and bright and open home with a lovely connection to the landscape around it. Design elements such as the staircase net break the monotony of the decor and soften the clean and linear outline of the steel handrail and support rods while also becoming a safety feature.



The Beehive is a unique office building designed by architects Luigi Rosselli and Raffaello Rosselli and located in Surry Hills, Australia. On the outside, the building has a really unique and cool-looking facade decorated with reclaimed terra cotta roof tiles. This creates a beautiful and sculptural brise-soleil which filters the sunlight. On the inside, the design is simple and relies on basic materials. This staircase for example has a very interesting steel mesh railing wall which outlines its geometry.



In this particular case it’s the actual staircase itself that’s the center of attention while the handrail is super sleek and barely visible. Looking around, you’ll also notice that there’s bare concrete everywhere which creates a cold and industrial setup and makes the staircase stand out even more. The frame and handrail are made of steel which is in tone with the overall style and design of this studio and the steps are made of wood which add warmth to the whole space. This is a project completed by studio ASWA in Bangkok, Thailand.



A few years ago architecture studio OODA worked on the renovation and rehabilitation of a 20th century building situated in Porto, Portugal. The goal was to convert it into a modern housing unit designed to attract students and young people in general. As a result, the spaces are super clean and simple with a nice urban vibe. The units are connected by a central staircase made of concrete and with stylish steel railings that form a long and narrow zig zag pattern.




When asked to design two semi-detached houses in Ria de Aveiro, Portugal, the team of architects at RVDM did their best to take advantage of the landscape and to highlight the beautiful views. They gave the spaces large panorama windows and connected the floors with a beautiful and sculptural steel staircase with a graphical and eye-catching design. It’s floating through the central core and establishes a breezy and airy ambiance in the spaces that surround it.




There’s also a beautiful modern house in Portage Bay, Washington which has a very stylish staircase inside. It was designed by Heliotrope Architects and has an elegant and warm and inviting interior. The staircase we mentioned has a blackened steel railing with a lovely pattern. The U-shaped lines go up and down and create a decorative screen that also doubles as a safety feature.

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