Elevate Your Living Space: 18+ Inspiring Garage Conversion Ideas for a Home Transformation.

A simple garage has more potential than you can ever imagine. You can turn a cold and sober place into a welcoming and peaceful garage conversion with a little effort and imagination. The final result depends on your wishes! The options are endless, but unfortunately, you still have to consider various aspects. One of them is the amount of space you have.


The other one is related to your idea regarding a garage conversion. What would you like to have instead of an office, a reading corner, a playground for your kids? Maybe the following images will help you decide what you need.

Garage Conversions

Converting your garage into a more functional living space is a fantastic way to add value to your home. From at-home gyms to a playhouse for children and cocktail bars to home movie theaters, the possibilities are endless for designing your garage.

Garage Conversion Cost


The cost of converting your garage depends on what you intend to do with the space. Will you need insulation, plumbing, windows, and ventilation? The most important factor is obtaining the necessary permits to convert your garage. And these can cost around $1,000 and up.

On average, it can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 for your garage conversion. If you intend to turn it into a livable space like a guesthouse, you’ll likely spend upwards of $20,000 to $50,000. However, converting your garage will be considerably cheaper than adding an extension to your home because you don’t need to lay a foundation and build new walls.

Garage Conversion Floor Plans


Deciding how you want to use the space in the garage is arguably the most crucial aspect of a garage conversion. Let your creativity run wild when creating the floor plans for your garage. Whether you’re converting it into an office space to work from home or a living area to rent out, there are countless options for how to transform the space in your garage.

Garage Conversion Before and After


Can you attest to your garage looking similar to this? Often, a garage gets used to store everything from holiday decorations and camping gear to trash cans and outdoor equipment, like this one from hdrremodeling. And unfortunately, this garage was severly damaged from over a decade of neglect.


But what if you could transform your garage into a functional living space like this? This garage is unrecognizable after repairing the damage and reconstructing the moldy roof and siding. The garage now has a welcoming french door entrance. It’s now a space that the owners can use for work or entertainment. And the surrounding yard was constructed with a storage shed and ideal space for the waste bins.

16 Beautiful Garage Conversion Ideas

There are several benefits to converting your garage, like capitalizing on existing space and working with an existing structure. And since many people don’t actually park in their garage, you can use this area to add more space to your home. Check out these inspiring garage conversions where owners took an empty, cold garage and transformed it into a functional, beautiful space.

1. Garage renovated for family play.

Kids are always full of energy. Why not teach them how to channel it on something good for their health, like sport? Who knows, maybe in time they will develop a passion for sports! Besides that, such a place will stimulate their imagination and help them to improve their skills. Climbing monkey bars, swings, ropes, gym mats, sounds like a perfect playground, don’t you think?{found on menterarchitects}.

2. Cozy guest house.


Always be prepared for surprise visits! Think about your friends from out of town. Where could they sleep if they decide to come over? Turn your garage into a small guest house and you won’t have to be concerned about this anymore. Notice how important is a room divider in the case above. Used as a TV stand, this also provides storage and architectural detail to the room.{found on urban}.

3. Stylish lounge with a bar.


Modern Craft Construction succeeded in creating a gorgeous living space area where once was a garage. They did their job so well that I wouldn’t have noticed this space was actually a garage. The lack of windows in that area, and the glass garage door were the only ones that made me think of this option.  This is a good place to watch a movie with your family, or to throw a party. You have plenty of space!

4. Sleeping loft garage conversion in Santa Barbra.


We all need a special place where we can find our peace and unleash our creativity.  This splendid loft has almost everything you need: a sleeping area, a small kitchen and bathroom, huge barn doors with a rustic charm and a beautiful climbing plant that will bring freshness to this space. Such a lovely setting would make you dream about an endless summer.{found on bethdana}.

5. Romantic retreat.


Who would have thought a garage can be converted in such a romantic room? The mosquito net over the bed is the main attraction. I can only imagine a fresh airflow playing with those white curtains!{found on schappacherwhite}.

6. Relaxing living room to spend some time with your family.


How simple would be to have a remote control that will help us to fulfill our dreams with a simple push of a button! One thing I know for sure: somebody’s dream has come true thanks to Kerrie Kelly Designers. They converted a garage into this beautiful family lounge. An ethanol fireplace niched into a sheet rock wall was added to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The vividly painted items on the shelves and these beautiful flowered chairs bring a splash of color and induce a whimsical feeling.


7. Turn your garage into a man cave.

Have you ever wanted to play pool or darts or anything else, but you weren’t in the mood to get out of the house? How about designing your own space for such activities… in the garage? A pool table, darts, a foosball table, rummy, board games, video games, all of these could easily find their place in your garage. If you have enough space, you can add a bar and some tables. After this,  all you have to do is call your friends and spend a memorable time with them.

8. Home gym garage conversion.


It’s not so easy to stay in shape these days! We are always in a hurry, many of us work a lot and are too busy thinking about something else than about what should we eat and when. Not to mention that we don’t have enough time to go to the gym daily. So how can you change your lifestyle without running all day long from home to work, then to the gym, then home again? This is definitely not a way to stay in shape, but a way of dealing with more stress every day. Turn your old garage in a home gym and stop wasting precious time and money to go to the gym.


9. Create a suitable working place for you…in your garage.


Whether you’re a freelancer, a writer, a painter or just a person that enjoys spending a lot of time on the internet, you need a proper space to do your job in peace. If that place can be furnished and decorated by you, even better! So go ahead, think about what you need, make a list, buy whatever you need and turn your garage in an office or an art studio.

10. Turn your garage in a home cinema.


Everybody loves watching movies, it’s a relaxing activity. One of my dreams is to have a cinema in my own house and organize movie sessions with all of my friends. If you’re a film fan with a useless garage… consider this as an opportunity to use it. The basic things you will need are: a big screen, good sound equipment, some comfortable armchairs or a big sofa and popcorn.


11. A home for your car


A change in looks and style doesn’t always have to be accompanied by a change in function. You could transform your garage but still use it for its intended purpose. In other words, you can give it an upgrade and turn it from just a parking space into a home for your car. An inspiring in this sense was done by Motiv Architects who used laminated timber to give this garage from Vancouver a makeover and make it look super inviting.

12. Micro-home garage conversion



As it turns out, a garage can actually be big enough to serve as a micro home. It might not be very spacious but you could fit the basic elements like a bed, a kitchen, a bathroom and some storage inside. A successful representation of such a project is offered by studio IM Interior. They transformed a garage from Vilnius, Lithuania into a 21 square meter home clad in Corten steel.

13. Replace it with a small house



If the idea of using the actual existing garage presents too many limitations, there’s also the option to take down the garage and use the site for something else. Given that the area would be very small, if you want to build a house here it would have to have more than one floor and a cleverly-designed floor plan in order to be properly functional. You can check out the project done by studio Tikari Works which tackles exactly this idea.


14. Turn an old garage into a home/workshop



Not all garages are tiny. Some are big enough to be turned into cozy homes and even have some space left for a work area. A nice example here would be the transformation done by designers Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis who turned a 1920s garage into a home and workshop. It’s a combined space and it’s surprisingly big and airy. On the outside it looks fairly rustic but on the inside it has a modern and fresh vibe.


15. Make an auxiliary backyard house


Another idea is to transform the garage into a detached auxiliary structure. It can serve as a guest house whenever someone comes over and stays for a few days, it can be an office whenever you’re working from home or just an additional space like a mini version of your main house which you can use in various other ways. Perhaps this project done by SHED Architecture and Design can inspire you. To make this space more versatile you can include a selection of basic functions and features like a kitchenette, some storage, a sitting area, a bed and a bathroom.

16. Organized garage conversion



If you’re set on transforming your garage and turning it into something else, it’s good to think about not just your needs right now but also other possible uses for space in the future. Try to make it versatile so that you can easily transform or repurpose it if needed. A great example of such a project is the one done by studios Losada Garcia Architects, ModernGrannyFlat and Prismatica. They planned for innovation and flexibility and it really shows in the design.

17. Small garage conversion ideas



Why let your garage go unused when you can turn it into an art studio? Small garages are the perfect place for creating art, whether pottery or painting. The conversion from blissinteriors,  added windows to eliminate the dark, dank space with bright natural light. The windows also provide a view of the backyard garden. This garage conversion improved the house’s overall look and became a workplace for all family members.

18. Garage office conversion


Before the conversion, this looked like most garages – dark and empty and was renovated by Anna O’Gorman Architect. While you might use your garage for storage, garages often go unused and sit empty.



The final product of this garage conversion is an open office space with garden views. Desk and sitting space are abundant and even accommodate a small kitchen. The block walls are painted white to brighten the area and include a waterproof concrete slab to protect the flooring. Overall, this is an excellent example of a garage conversion.

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