Elevate Your Space: Discover 20 Contemporary Wall Planters Perfect for Home or Office Décor.

The Seed wall planters


Designed to look like river stones, the Seed planters can be hung on the wall and they each hold a small plant at the center. You can display them in groups or as individual, freestanding ornaments. They come in many variations with different shapes and surface textures designed to mimic the look and feel or river stones. They are made of fast-drying cast concrete.

A cute series by Light + Ladder


If you like small planters that look pretty on walls, you’ll probably also love this series designed by Light + Ladder. They’re small and cute and stylish and you can use them to create a very charming wall installation, a lot like a piece of art. Each planter is made of porcelain and features a leather strap that hangs from a small wood hook. Find out more about them on Etsy.

The Spun and wood ring combo wall hanging planter

Sometimes the manner in which a planter is displayed is more important than the planter itself. Take for example this stylish and delicate wood ring. It’s an innovative and at the same time very simple planter holder made out of birch wood. It makes it seem as if the planter is floating against the wall. It was designed by Yield to specifically hold their Spun planters but it can also be paired with other third-party models if the dimensions are right.


Round hanging wall planters by Apollo

This round wall planter featured by Apollo is super cool too. It’s special because it introduces a new perspective on modern wall planters and vertical gardens in general. You can display both in indoor and outdoor spaces. The planter is made out of metal and glass and comes in three different sizes and five colors.

A DIY design featuring wood and PVC pipes


In case you’re wondering, you can actually make your own wall planters from scratch and they can look pretty cool and stylish. there are various different strategies which you can use, including the one described on abeautifulmess. To make this type of planter you need large PVC pipes and some wood. You also need paint so you can customize each planter and to make it stand out.

Ceramic planters by Ekaterina Vagurina


When it comes to wall planters, there are two main aspects which we usually prioritize: the aesthetics and the functionality. We want our planters to look nice but also to be easy to use and to care for. DesignerEkaterina Vagurinafound a great way to put these two things together. She created a modern ceramic vase which can be attached to the wall using a special brass mount. It fits perfectly and it can be easily removed. You can use it as a vase but also as a planter.

The Farmhouse Shovel Trio


A lot of modern accessories and decorations, wall planters included, are made out of repurposed or recycled materials. A great example is this trio of wall planters made out of rustic shovels. They’re very charming and they have a lot of character. You can display this Farmhouse Shovel Trio in the kitchen where it can either hold fresh herbs or utensils. It’s useful either way.

Modular planters by Luisa & Lilian Parrado


Apart from looks and basic functionality, it’s also nice to also enjoy a flexible and modular design when it comes to wall planters. It’s great to have the option or reorganizing and rearranging your wall planters whenever you want to. This design by architectsLuisa & Lilian Parradolets you do exactly that. You can display them in groups or as individual accessories.

An industrial planter for succulents


Beautiful, simple and easy to hang, this modern wall planter lets you add a hint of industrial beauty to any space. It’s lightweight and circular and perfect for tiny succulents, small cacti or faux plants. You can also grow herbs in it and hanging plants are an option too. Add it to the bathroom, the kitchen, your office or even the entryway or the bedroom. You can get it on Amazon.

A smart self-watering planter


For those of you who like smart things, a self-watering planter probably sounds like a great option. This particular one is pretty awesome because it’s also designed to be hanged on walls. This means it won’t take up space on your counter or desk and it will look exquisite up on the wall, even so high up that you need a stool to reach it because you actually won’t have to do that too often. Check it out on Amazon.

A trio of iron planters by Williston Forge


Looking for some stylish wall-mounted planters for your sunroom? This set from Williston Forge is a lovely option with a lot to offer. The planters are made of iron and have a weathered finish. This gives them a very distinctive look, a bit retro but also stylish. They’d also look beautiful in a modern-industrial interior space like a home office or a living area for instance.

The Willamette vertical planter


Vertical planters are always interesting and great for making a statement or adding character to a simple space. The Willamette planter is also super durable. It’s made out of galvanized steel and zinc and it comes in a variety of different sizes. There’s also a wide array of finishes and patinas to choose from. The best part about it is the fact that it’s super easy to decorate and to display. Its interior is divided into a bunch of small compartments where you can plant your little succulents. Mix and match them however you want.

Geometric Anding planters


Modern designs and geometric shapes and patterns go hand in hand. In that sense, the Anding planter set by Ivy Bronx is definitely on the right track to becoming a stylish decoration for your home or office. You can display these 3 planters in any configuration you want or combine two or more sets to make an even bigger statement. The planters are made of metal and they’re designed for faux plants but can also be paired with real ones by adding the right liner.

The angled Farmington ceramic planter


What stands out about the Farmington planter is the unusual angle at which is sits when mounted on the wall. It’s made of ceramic and it comes with a plastic liner and mounting hardware, all ready to be installed. Seeing how small this planter is, only 4’’ x 3.5’’ x 3.5’’, this gives you the opportunity to have multiple of them grouped up to create a pattern or an interesting design.

Minimalist planter with circular frame


What really helps this wall planter by Modern Airhead is the circular back panel which frames it. This frame comes in a variety of different finishes like carbon, gold, orange or silver. The actual planter is always white in order to contrast with the circular panel. Moreover, the pot is magnetic and can be placed anywhere on the surface of the metal panel.

The Kirkendall bike planter


The Kirkendall planter draws inspiration from vintage bikes with baskets in front, the ones that you can fill with flowers on your Sunday afternoon adventures. Isn’t it absolutely charming? The planter is made of galvanized iron with a distressed grey finish and it sits in a decorative metal bike basket with a partial bike wheel that sits flush with the wall as if it’s poking through.

Concrete and wood planter combo


This wall-mounted planter set by Loon Peak is a bit different from the ones we’ve seen so far. It’s actually a set of three small planters made of concrete which are integrated into a wooden stand that’s designed to be attached to a wall or any flat surface. It’s really versatile and you can place it on a vertical surface but also on a horizontal one like a desk or a table for example in which case it becomes a beautiful centerpiece or decoration.

The Magnetic Hammie planters


The Hammie planter set by Latitude Run is one of the most simple but one of the most fun ones on our list. Aesthetically their design is minimalistic but what makes them special is the fact that they’re magnetic and they can be placed anywhere on the surface on the metal panel that they come with. You can also position this panel however you want which gives you the freedom to customize your décor in all sorts of interesting ways.

The sculptural Node planter


It’s beautiful and stylish on its own and even more so when complemented by a lovely plant. The Node wall-mounted planter has a simple and sculptural design and you can get it in three sizes. You can mix and match multiple ones to create beautiful and original wall decorations and installations and you can also have them displayed both indoor and outdoor.

The Tony metal planter


It’s not a very big planter or a very detailed one in terms of design but it definitely has a lot of character. The Tony planter is made of metal and functions as a basket-like container that you can fill with various things like pots and flowers. It measures 14’’ x 14’’ x 3.5’’ and it can fit in a variety of different spaces and decors thanks to its versatile aesthetic.

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