Embrace the Cozy Charm: 30 Delightful Rustic Home Accessories to Elevate Your Decor.

What defines rustic style? It’s more about the vibe of thee piece, which comes from natural materials, some unfinished or raw features, and nature. It doesn’t have to be all farmhouse or traditional cabin style; today’s contemporary designs are incorporating artisan pieces that have a rustic sensibility. Even the boho trend includes some pieces that have rustic flair.

Here are 30 different accessories that you can add to your home’s décor for a dose of rustic style.

Natural elements are important and a great way to include them is by using pieces of rustic decor like these bark plant pots. Whether you choose to use them with real plants or artificial greenery, natural pots like these are versatile pieces.


Whitewashed wood is a common element in rustic home decor. You don’t need to go for a full wood wall, or even a large piece of furniture. Small accessories like planters, pedestals and frames can add a touch of rustic whitewash finish to your room.


Rope accessories are very popular right now and they can lend just the right rustic element to your decor. Rope frames, rope covered hurricanes and wrapped containers like vases are an easy way to add this trend to your home.


Rustic pots are also common accent pieces. Plant lovers will like this style of display, where you can add an entire herb garden to your space without taking up much room. Of course, you don’t need to put plants in each pot. It’s a great piece for exercising your creativity with natural materials or other items you want to store or display.


Twig home decor is another easy way to add a natural element to your space. Accessories that feature lengths of natural twigs include pots, candle holders, tabletop accessories, frames and wreaths.


Mercury glass accessories with an aged patina add a rustic yet shiny element to your decor. They can be used on a table or displayed on a bookcase for just a bit of shine that still exudes a casual feeling. Candle votives are a popular way to use this material in decorating.


Galvanized metal accessories are — and have been — hot in home decor. Depending upon how weathered they look, you can include them in a number of decor styles. The more weathered the metal, the more casual and rustic the feel. Even a very modern space can successfully incorporate a piece of galvanized metal decor.


Live edge furnishings and accessories can fit nearly every decor style. They are rustic thanks to the natural edge, but the finish and shine make them universally appealing. Small live-edge accessories can add a woodsy feel to any room.


Aged metal architectural pieces can play up the rustic feel of a space and are the perfect accessory for the family room. A log holder is a good way to add aged metal to a room without disrupting your general design.


Funky fixtures crafted from everyday items are a dramatic way to add a rustic decor touch. Chandeliers made from found objects, accessories created from household items and repurposed and upcycled materials can easily be at home in a modern or contemporary setting…and in a country chic setting, or course


Old fashioned items like typewriters have always had nostalgic appeal, but when you take the concept and turn it into dramatic home decor, it’s the perfect accent. Using vintage items in your decorating scheme automatically adds a rustic element without being too country or woodsy.


Farm animal decor pieces immediately add a fun and rustic touch to a room. Whether it’s the print on a pillow or tea towel, a large art piece, or a smaller piece of wall decor, you can incorporate some humor into your room at the same time.


Enamelware is a highly sought after and popular home accessory — and kitchen tool — for rustic and country style homes. It was the first mass-produced brightly colored kitchenware in the cited States, first appearing in in the 1870s, and continuing to be produced through the 1930s. Use it in your kitchen, but make sure you display it because it’s the perfect rustic touch!


Natural plant arrangements appropriate to the season can immediately add a special touch to your rustic decor. It’s personal preference as to whether you use real plants and flowers or artificial ones, but either way,  it’s a great decorating tool to elevate your tabletop display.


Distressed furniture is a mainstay of rustic decor, and adding a piece to your home injects vintage appeal. You don’t need to go overboard and have all your furnishings in this style. Adding just one piece can work. Also, the types of accessories you display can play up or tone down the rustic look.


Painted accents add interest to rustic furniture and make it special. Country chic pieces often have a painted finish, and when they are distressed, or combined with a distressed finish, they are a rustic piece that evokes old-fashioned style.


Signs of all sorts are very trendy right now, and whether you choose metal, wood, or a lighted version, they are just the right rustic home accessory to add interest to your space. Pick a product sign or something that includes a favorite phrase or quote — it doesn’t matter.


Alphabet letters and numbers are also extremely popular decor items, whether you choose to spell a specific word or not. They can be large and dramatic, placed on a mantel or shelf, or a modest accent for your room. Small scatterings of items such as pine cones or other natural pieces, combined with small letters make for an eclectic display.


Tree branches are an easy way to bring the rustic outdoors inside, especially when they are fashioned into pieces of home decor. If this appeals to you, a wide variety of items are available, from chairs and tables to smaller accent pieces. Some of our favorites are lighting fixtures that take advantage of the natural curves and wisps of tree branches.


Rustic repurposed pieces are a wonderful way to decorate. Converting a crate or bucket into a light fixture, a can or other vessel into a decorative container, or mechanical pieces as accent decor, are creative ways to add rustic items to your home.


Go big with rustic decor or incorporate just a key piece or two. Rustic accent pieces warm up the feel of any space and when properly planned, they can work with almost any decor style. Try some in your home and see how great they are!



Live edge pieces are a very fitting yet sophisticated rustic addition to any décor scheme. While you might be most familiar with tables that feature live edges – where the natural, rugged edge of the tree is featured –decor accessories can also use this style of wood. This is a display box from Modern Living that features not only a live edge but also the natural surface underneath. A lid that also maintains the natural edge lifts up to reveal a small tray for storing trinkets.

Hand-formed tableware is another way to add a rustic touch to your dining space. This place setting from DBO Home has a homey, handmade feeling that comes from the irregularities in the finish and edges, which means no two pieces are alike. The edges feature a drippy bronze glaze which emphasizes the organic, casual look — still very artistic and perfect for welcoming dinner guests.


Plants are another way to add to the rustic vibe so hand thrown pots and vessels are always appropriate additions. These neutral pots by MQUAN are paired with side tables that are part live edge and part rescued plywood, used for the bases. Together, these two elements create a modern, clean rustic setting that’s nothing like the stereotypical cabin style.


There’s nothing more natural than tree bark and these containers from JWB Bows are an ideal accessory for a rustic touch. They are crafted from Tulip Poplar bark from the Catskill forests of New York. Originally designed as arrow quivers, these work for displaying dried branches, grasses or flowers, further emphasizing the natural vibe. Sitting on a table or hanging on a wall, these are unique décor accents for any room in the home.


Some people don’t consider lighting an accessory, but when evaluating the style and its role in the room, a table lamp is definitely a design accent. This unusual table lamp has a bit more of an industrial feeling to it, but it is certainly appropriate for rustic décor, especially with the pair of extraordinary vertical shades and bulbs. The upcycled base is paired with glass shades that have a bottle shape, creating an eye-catching accessory.


Old weathered clocks –whether they work or not – make great décor accents in a rustic room. The old-fashioned faces and worn surfaces, such as on this clock from Three Hands, have an air of mystery that can lead you to daydream about where they possible hung in a previous life. If you don’t have the time to hunt through vintage shops and flea markets for old ones, manufacturers are producing new ones that have just as much character as true antiques, without the fuss and possible the expense.


Old school pendant lighting fixtures can also be considered accessories when it comes to creating a rustic vibe. These could be farmhouse or they could be industrial, but it doesn’t really matter. They are actually quite versatile because they can work with a range of décor styles and have just the right character to bring a weathered edge to a kitchen, bathroom or family room.


Repurposing is a common technique in rustic décor, and there’s nothing easier than putting vintage outdoor equipment on display. These old-fashioned snow shoes are a delightful find, but you could just as easily hang a rustic boat oar, vintage skis or old hunting gear. This is where your imagination can really come into play!


Animal motifs and figures can often be found in rustic décor. The representations of living thing inside the house is a fitting accent for farmhouse, cabin or any rustic style of décor. These weathered statues are a premier example, but animals can take the form of ceramic pieces or of a print on a pillow or cushion. Artwork including animals is also a great option.


Weathered pots and vessels like these from Imax are great for storing various items or for displaying flowers or branches. A large pot could also serve as a fitting umbrella stand by the front door. Rustic pots are ideal for anything at all that you might do with a container. These particular ones have a lively turquoise glaze that is aged by the terracotta colors of the worn sections on the sides and across the braided rope-style accent feature.

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