Enchanting Steampunk Marvels: Elevate Your Home Interiors with Industrial Elegance.

The steampunk style is new to interior design. Many people have never heard of it. However, steampunk styles are experiencing a reboot. And this time, instead of fashion, the aesthetic is impacting the way we decorate our living spaces.


Famous steampunk artist Ramona Szczerba said, “In terms of design I think it’s a great balance to ever more sleek modernism. While cars and phones and televisions are all becoming impregnable smooth pods that stay inert until you touch them, steampunk designs favor visible workings and surface ornamentation.”

What Is Steampunk?

Steampunk combines the old with the new. Take an outdated item and surround with the latest inventions and you’ll see the steampunk aesthetic in action. The trend is a mixture of Victorian Era decor and industrial elements.

How To Include Steampunk Style In Your Home

Here are the latest examples of retro-futurist interior designs.

Muted Neutral Colors


Monochrome Rustic Decor


Brown, sepia, cream, black, dark red, and dark green, these are the most common colors used to describe this style. Choose one of them according to the room, or combine them if you want.

Refurbished Furniture


It’s a fact that old furniture adds a special charm to any home. If you want to create a steampunk interior design don’t even think about buying new furniture, unless it’s specific to Victorian Age.

Exposed Bricks


To induce an industrial feeling by showcasing exposed brick walls. If the structure of the building doesn’t allow you to do that, use wallpaper.


Old Maps


Old maps make excellent wallpaper. You could also frame a few maps and hand them on your walls. Another idea is to decorate the lampshades with maps.

Terrestrial Globe


Make sure the piece is old and used. It would be one of the most popular items in the house, and kids would love to spin it again.

Exposed Leather Furniture


Leather sofa chairs are a steampunk favorite.


Classy Hats


Top hats or bowler hats can be used to impress your guests. Because they are symbols of the Victorian era, they will easily become a part of your steampunk decor.

Victorian Sewing Tables


A Victorian sewing table is an anachronism. If you’re in need of a classic decor item, you’ll find what you’re or at your local antique store or flea market.

Clock Gear Wall Decoration


Clock gears are essential to steampunk culture. A gear wall clock will certainly make a statement, but you can also use them to create and display industrial art pieces.


Repurposed Steamer Trunk


If you don’t have a proper table for this kind of interior design, use a steamer trunk or any other suitcase to fill the empty space.

Exposed Framed Herbariums


Your hallway would never look more beautiful and sophisticated without those framed herbariums.

Sepia Pictures


Create an antique effect by using sepia photos to decorate your walls. It’s your choice whether you use old pictures with your family, or with other places around the world.


Technical Drawings


These kinds of sketches are highly representative for this trend. If you happen to have something like that among your personal things or you’re an engineer, don’t hesitate to use them.


Early 20th Century Decor


Victorians had a passion for inventing new tools and gadgets, and the best part is the fact that you can still find them in antique shops. Even though many of them are not functional, you can use them as decorating items.

Textural Contrast


Create a steampunk interior décor by combining a leather material with soft fabrics like lace.

Victorian Clothing


Canes and helmets are good steampunk decor ideas.

Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Walk up to your local hardware store and buy some small metal pieces like gears, or screws or anything else that could be glued to the wooden box. You won’t regret this!

Victorian Wallpaper Patterns


Creatures in the books of Jules Verne, or some mechanical installations you remember from Time Machine.

Old Hardcover Books


Old books are a must in this case! Hard covered books are usually used, but paperbacks are also welcomed. Leather-covered notebooks make a statement if they are arranged.

Metal Pipe Bookshelf


Industrial all the way, even when we talk about ideas to display your books. Steel pipes are elementary in industrial design and quite easy to handle. Here we have a special article about how you can recycle steel pipes.

Steampunk Chandelier


Light fixtures are always important. Through light, you can easily emphasize the interior design of the room and even the furniture. If you have high ceilings, use a chandelier.

Metallic Walls


This isn’t the easiest tip on the list, but painting your walls to look metallic with gray and rust paints is the perfect way to give your bedroom or office a steampunk vibe.

 Steampunk Photo Frames


Get creative and use old gears and pieces of metal to decorate your photo frames. Featured on The Purple Creative.

Old Bottles


All you need are a few old chemistry bottles and paint them. For ideas on how to create your own steampunk bottles, visit this article featured on Steemit.

Hanging Lightbulbs


Even if you can’t install a chandelier in your home, you can still add a touch of steampunk decor with a string of lightbulbs. In this example lightbulbs are a smart addition to your steampunk bathroom by wrapping them around a mirror.

Ship Wheel


Antique nautical instruments adhere to a steampunk aesthetic. You can be creative and turn the wheel into a piece of furniture like Gold Mountain Gallery.

Metal Ceiling Fan


Metal fan blades are an iconic symbol of the steampunk style. Metal can be difficult but don’t be afraid to take a regular ceiling fan and use metallic and rust paint.

Old Musical Instruments


Musical instruments are another popular steampunk decor. There are many ways to create your own steampunk musical instrument decorations such as this cello built by Artfully Musing.

Copper Sink


Putting a copper sink into your bathroom or kitchen is no easy feat, but it can go a long way towards creating the steampunk vibe you are looking for. Take it a step further and install some beautiful copper piping as well for decoration.

Octopus Decor


There are several animals that are commonly depicted in steampunk decor, but none are more famous than the octopus. Because this animal has eight limbs, it can be easy to use an octopus decoration as a chandelier, hat rack, or you can simply hang it on the wall.

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