Get Ready to Say “I Do” with These 35 Beautiful Wedding Nail Ideas.

In the grand scheme of planning an entire wedding, planning for something like a manicure can feel like an after-thought, a small detail in a swirl of bigger more stressful details! But I think all of us ladies can 100% testify to the fact that a good mani can totally bring an outfit together. And ummm what other outfit is more important than your wedding look?!

Your wedding nails are such an important part of your entire wedding look! It’s so important to have an idea of what nail design you want that will go together with the wedding dress or whatever styling you choose for that big day. A lot of the time you don’t want your wedding manicure to clash or distract from the other elements of your bridal styling, so it’s always a great idea to keep your manicure color palette to natural/neutral colors. That’s why you’ll see this post filled with wedding nail designs that lean towards pinks and beiges…

All in all, I know bridal nails seem like such a small detail (even an afterthought sometimes) and they are a small detail, but they’re a really important aspect of your bridal styling. They’re a small detail but they will totally make your wedding look complete!

Pearlescent Almond Nails


Pink Glitter Nails with Pearls


White Nail Design with Rhinestones


Glossy Pink Nails with French Tip and Glitter Design


Glitter Tip Nude Color Nails


Gold Flaked Natural Nails


White Glazed Donut Nails


Short White Nails With Glitter Design


Classic French Tip Nails


White to Pink Ombre French Tip Nails with Glitter


Reverse French Tip Nails


Alternating French Tips and Ombre Nails with Pearls


White and Pink Nails with Gold Glitter


Square French Tip Nails


Ombre French Tips with Glitter Design and Rhinestones


Milky Nails with Reverse French Glitter


Milky Nails


Nude Color Nails with Marble and Glitter Design


Milky White French Tip Nails


White Nails


Pearly Chrome Nails


Pink and White Ombre Nails with Rhinestones and Glitter


Milky Pink Ombre Nails with Gold Flakes


Beige and White Line Nail Art


Milky Nails with Gold Flakes


Pink Glitter Nails


Pink Nails with Gold Rhinestones


White Nails with Glitter


Nude Color French Tip Nails


Baby Almond Pink Nails


Pink and White Marble Nails


Peachy Nails with Sparkle Design


Dusty Rose Nails with Swirls


Pink and White Glitter Ombre Nails


Nude Color French Tips with Sparkle

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