June Vibes: 50+ Irresistibly Cute Nail Designs to Celebrate the Summer Season.

1) Gold Flecks by Paulina 

If you’re looking to slowly ease out of spring, this design by Paulina is a stunner!  I love using more blue tones as the weather gets warmer and this shade reminds me of blue skies!  The gold flecks really pop and make this a stunning choice.



Image and nail art via @nailsbypaulin


2) Matte Tips & Swirls by Syd

June is the perfect time to try out a matte nail!  To easily make any nail polish matte, use the “matte about you” top coat linked above!

This design by Syd is the cutest!  We’re loving this shade of green.  Green seems to be everywhere right now and this is the perfect choice for summer.

Image and nail art via @nailsbysmf


3) Pretty in Pink by MD Ongles 

Had to include some pink tips in this June nails roundup!  Hot pink is such a fun manicure to try out and June is the perfect time!  With the weather getting warmer, using a pop of color like this is so fun!

Image and nail art via @md_ongles


4) Neon Tips by Get Tipsy Nails

Summer is all about the neon for me and orange is such a popular choice this season!  Whether you have almond nails or square, this color will look good on everyone.

Image and nail art via @gettipsy_nails


5) Green and Blue Swirls by Vivian 

These swirls are to die for!  These shades remind me of the ocean and are so pretty together!  Swirls can easily be done at home using the nail art brushes we linked above.

Image and nail art via @vivianmariewong


6) Bright Florals by Amy 

Just because its summer doesn’t mean you need to give up on the florals!  Try out some pops of color like Amy for the best accent nails.

Image and nail art via @amyguynailartist


7) Aqua French by Bethany

Aqua is a go to colour for me as the weather starts to get warmer.  To make your manicure extra unique try out a double French tip to add some depth.

Image and nail art via @_nailsbybethany


8) Tennis Green by Nail Chark

Tennis ball green, the a perfect shade for June!  This color is bright but not neon, making it still professional and fun.

Image and nail art via @nailchark


9) Colorful Swirls by Naomi 

These colorful swirls remind me of the perfect fruit salad!  They’re the perfect colors for June!  You could really do this design with any colors that you currently have or love.

Image and nail art via @bynaomib


10) Sunshine tips by Melanie 

Love a good tangerine nail!  If you want to start using more color but you’re not sure how, a French tip is a great option!  It’s subtle but still provides that color you’re looking for.

Image and nail art via @overglowedit


11) Summer Abstract by Bethany

This color combination screams summer to me!  If you have shorter nails, check out Bethany!  She has so many fun nail designs for your shorter claws that can give you inspiration all season long.

Image and nail art via @_nailsbybethany


12) Hint of Sparkle by Aby 

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle!  This is such a fun way and easily way elevate a floral nail!  This design would look good with any color of sparkle.

Image and nail art via @nailswithaby


13) Pearl Tips by Sarah 

Pearly tips are all the rage right now!  They’re so subtle yet really stunning and fit right into the clean girl aesthetic that really trending right now.   These are also really pretty if you’re looking for a beautiful graduation nail design.

Image and nail art via @heluviee


14) Purple Chrome by Melanie

Everyone is going wild over chrome nails at the moment and this purple shade is so perfect for June!  It’s subtle but gives just the right amount of color.

Image and nail art via @overglowedit


15) Blue Swirling by Iram

Nothing gets better than a blue swirl!  Absolutely love this color by Iram, it’s the perfect summer shade.  Swirls are such a fun design because they turn out different each time.

Image and nail art via @iramshelton


16) Orange Florals by Amy

This bright orange color is giving off the perfect summer vibe!  The small floral details are the cutest touch and have a sort of retro look to them.  This orange is just so fun and bright.

Image and nail art via @amyguynailartist


17) Perfect pairing by Bry

I personally love pink and orange together!  It’s always my go to combination and looks so good together.  This tangerine and hot pink pairs perfectly.

Image and nail art via @gelsbybry


18) Retro Florals by Anna

These retro flowers look so fresh in two-toned blue!  Both of these shades are perfect for summer and really pop against a tan!

Image and nail art via @annagracenails


19) Sunshine Yellow by Paulina 

For some reason, yellow isn’t really a popular color.  That’s why I wanted to share this cute design by Paulina!  This shade of yellow is so bright and happy.  It looks perfect as a side French and works for any month in the summer.

Image and nail art via @nailsbypaulin


20) Stars and Florals by Amy

If you want to elevate your floral manicure then add in some cute stars!  These shades are so fun together and really make the flowers pop.

Image and nail art via @amyguynailartist


21) Barbie Tips by Alison

Barbiecore is real and going strong!  These pink tips are giving off all of the Barbie vibes!  If you love pink and don’t want something too overwhelming an alternating French tip is a really cute option.

Image and nail art via @nailsbyalsn


22) Orange Swirls by Pegi

This might be the most perfect shade of orange!  It’s bright but not neon and gives off all the beach/vacation vibes.  We’re also loving the fun swirl accent nails.

Image and nail art via @pegi_nails


23) Monochrome Florals by Nail Chark 

Black and white nails are always in style no matter what season it is!  Check out our entire blog post dedicated to monochrome nails to get more inspiration!

Image and nail art via @nailchark


24) June Green by Makayla 

Bottega green is having a moment and will continue throughout the summer!  It’s such fresh shade of green that will always look good.  If you’re tried of your classic pink why not try out this shade of green.

Image and green nail art via @fashionablykay


35) Deep Blue by Naomi

This deep blue shade by Naomi is just so perfect!  You can easily wear this shade into the office, which makes it a perfect versatile color.

Image and blue nail art via @bynaomib_


36) A blue moment by Get Tipsy Nails

Orange and blue always go so well together!  Check out our blog post dedicated to Orange and blue nails to get more inspiration!  It’s such a perfect color combo for summer.  That’s one of the reasons orange and blue are both selected as our favourite June shades above.

Image and orange and blue nail art via @gettipsy_nails


37) Bright Mint by Syd

Usually mint green nails are more for spring however using a brighter and more vibrant shade of mint can easily make it a summer look that is fresh and fun!

Image and mint nail art via @nailsbysmf


38) Blue & Orange Outline by Amanda 

This fun manicure by Amanda is so unique!  Love the two toned outlines.  If you want to add in some color but not go overboard this is such a pretty design.

Image and orange and blue nail art via @Amanda.sudolll


39) Perfect Blue Vivian 

This dreamy shade of blue by Vivian is so stunning against a neutral nail base.  Sky blue is always such a beautiful color for both spring and summer.

Image and nail art via @vivianmariewong


40) Perfect Swirls by Vivian

Swirls are always a great idea no matter what month it is!  This color combination by Vivian is so stunning and the perfect choice to kick off the summer with.

Image and nail art via @vivianmariewong


41) Bright Green by Amanda

We’re loving the pops of bright green in this subtle yet stunning manicure by Amanda!  This manicure would look good both glossy or matte!

Image and nail art via @Amanda.sudolll


42) Neon Rainbow by Bethany

Neon rainbows are such a unique trend to try out that really pop!  It’s giving of Y2k, bohemian vibe thats really trending right now.

Image and nail art via @_nailsbybethany


43) Baby Blue Chrome by Amanda

This baby blue chrome shade is so perfect for end of spring/  start of summer manicure!  Chrome comes in so many different colors now, and I have to say, I think I might like this shade the best.  It’s so classic and goes with so many different outfits.

If you’re heading to a baby shower or bridal shower this is a really pretty nail design to rock!

Image and nail art via @Amanda.sudolll


44) Magenta Tips by Aimee

No one ever uses magenta in nail art!  So for June nails I thought I would share this design by Aimee.  This purple is such a pretty shade that isn’t used enough!  Let’s bring back the jewel tones!

Image and nail art via @allnailss._


45) Side Swirls by Shelley

For something different, a fun design are side swirls.  These ombre green swirls by Shelley are so pretty and easy to recreate at home with nail art brushes (linked above).

Image and nail art via @_by_shelley


46) Bright Aqua by Bry

This is the most perfect shade of aqua!  This design is so simple but really pops.

Image and nail art via @gelsbybry


47) Bright Swirl by Naomi

How perfect is this mani!  Red needs to be used more during the summer, especially paired with orange.  The accent swirl is so simple but so pretty!

Image and nail art via @bynaomib


48) Shades of Blue by Aimee

I love using two or more shades in the same color family in my nail art!  It always turns out so good, like these shades of blue by Aimee.

Image and nail art via @allnailss._


49) Bright florals by Amy 

Summer florals are totally a vibe!  Using bright colors like these and pairing them with white really helps your manicure pop.

Image and nail art via @amyguynailartist


50) Cute Swirls by Monika 

If you’re not ready to give up your pastels, rock them into June!  This color orange paired with pink really compliments each other.

Image and nail art via @monika_nails


51) Watermelon Swirls by Naomi

Watermelon swirls are so much fun.  They also scream summer!

Image and nail art via @bynaomib


52) Splash of summer by Syd

This lattice work design by Syd is so unique!  Loving the neon orange as a pop of color and the gorgeous pink daisies to top it off.

Image and nail art via @nailsbysmf


53) Tiffany Blues by Lily Palm 

These two shades remind me of the perfect vacation.  Tiffany blue is always a great choice when it comes to your manicure and pairing it with a light pastel green is so pretty.

Image and nail art via @lilypalm_


54) Perfect Swirls by Amy

The cutest thin swirls by Amy!  This design could easily be done with any shade but I absolutely love this periwinkle blue.

Image and nail art via @amyle.nails


55) Glazed by MD Ongles

If you’re looking for more of a classic design for your June nails try out this glazed pink ombre set by MD Ongles!  This nail design is so trendy right now and always so clean and professional.

Image and nail art via @md_ongles 


56) Coral Tips by Naomi 

We need to see more coral!  June is the perfect month for this shade since it’s a transition from Spring to Summer.  I never know if coral is technically a pastel but it looks stunning in this French manicure by Naomi.

Image and nail art via @bynaomib


57) Perfect Blue by Dayanna

I’ve been dreaming of this blue!  Sometimes a good straight almond manicure is the way to go and this one by Dayanna looks so fresh.

Image and nail art via @disseynails


58) Ocean Swirls by Tiffany

This shade of ocean blue is so pretty against the white swirls.

Image and nail art via @tiffanyabbigailebeauty


59) Bright Green Abstract by Anna 

This shade of green by Anna is so unique!  It pairs so well with a tan and gold jewelry which is the perfect combination for summer.

Image and green nail art via @annagracenails


60) Unique Tips by Bry

Another fun color combination for June is neon aqua and green.  They complement each other so well!  We’re also loving this abstract design by Bry, it has a little bit of everything in it.

Image and green and blue nail art via @gelsbybry


61) Glazed Greens by Sonia

Green tips that are glazed might be my new obsession.  This design by Sonia is so perfect!  Glazed nails are so popular right now and by adding in a green tip, you really make the manicure pop!

Image and glazed nail art via @klawsbysonia


62) Neon Lemon by Pegi

This neon yellow is so pretty and unique!  Pegi did such a simple design that really pops!  This would be such a pretty color for a summer concert!

Image and yellow nail art via @pegi_nails


63) Purple and blue by Vivian

Swirls on swirls!  One of my favourite color combos is blue and purple, it just goes so well together.  This design is so perfect for your June nails!

Image and purple and blue nail art via @vivianmariewong

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