Nail Art Revolution: Explore the Hottest and Trendiest Summer Designs for 2023.

1. Trendy Summer Nails

I love the dreamy blend of purple and blue in this Summer-ready manicure.

There’s something a little lighthearted about the looks, largely thanks to the easy-going swirls that are right on trend.

2. Rainbow Wavy Tips

While I think these nails are funky-fresh always, I can’t deny that they’d look especially great during the Summer, especially for festivals!

It’s really no surprise that Rainbow tips are becoming one of the hottest summer nail designs more every year.

3. Cute Summer Floral Nail Design

I can’t get enough of these adorable nails! They’re incredibly chic and charming and look like Summer painted across your nails.

A mix of floral nail art and vibrant French tips are Summer vibes at their finest.

4. Abstract Summer Nails

These nails remind me of fun and adventure. I think they’re ideal for any gal who wants a little excitement this Summer – both in life and nails!

5. Pink and Green Summer Nails

Pink and green nail polish has been hot on the nails scene all year round, and I’m here for it.

That said, it’s going to be HUGE this Summer, so here’s the first gorgeously trendy pink and green summer nails design on the list – enjoy!

6. Dot Summer Nail Design

For when you’re tired of the old-reliable, much-loved multi-colored French tip, why not just add some funky and easy-to-do dots over the top?

It’s chic, it’s cool, and oh-so Summery – what’s not to love?

7. Vacay Vibes

Holidaying by the beach this Summer or dreaming of crisp, clear water?

These blue-toned, wavy nails are a reminder of your dream destination while being right on trend and earning Instagram-worthy nails status!

8. Creamy Summer Nails

For when you’re ready to unwind and relax in the sun, these creamy nails should be right by your side!

They look great holding a mimosa and even better opening that book you’ve been meaning to get around to all year!

9. French Tips with Summer Twist

If summer vibes were a nail design, I’m sure this would be it. The warmth I feel from these beautifully funky nails bring the sun and fun to mind.

The best part? All you have to do is a simple French tip and add a dot as the trendy cherry on top!

10. Ice Cream Summer Nails

These are incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind trendy nails that’ll not only satiate your Ice cream cravings this year but also ensure you’re the only person with this Summer nail design!

11. Blue Lagoon Nails

With three different shades of blue and two ocean-esque accent nails, this Summer nail design idea is literally what the sea would look like if you painted it across your nails – I’m in love!

12. Neon Green Waves

Once again, we have this year’s trending green nail polish on full fashionable blast.

Of course, to tick every nail trend box, the color is also bright neon and sometimes wonderfully wavy and others, as a classic French tip. In other words, I fully believe this Summer manicure has it all!

13. Blue and Orange Abstract Swirls

I’ve been dying to try abstract wavy nails all year, and I think this gorgeous manicure will be my first try!

I just love the light pastel blues mixed with the vibrant orange. Not to mention that it’s just understated enough to be an everyday nail design.

14. Dreamer For Naomi

While we don’t often see square nails around Summer time, I have a feeling it’ll be a little trendy this year.

So, if you want to be ahead of the game, these ultra-chic and incredibly easy-to-replicate Summer nails are the idyllic and creamy-dreamy style for you. Keep in mind that there’s a light blush in this nail design.

15. Different Shades of Green

I can barely look away from this green manicure that’s fit for a Summer-ready queen! It doesn’t only have Summer vibes but is a literal reminder that there are sunnier days ahead!

16. Blue Nails Swirls

Swirls are huge this year, and here they are in their most flamboyant form for those of you who’re feeling a little extra this year.

I just adore the dramatic curves and rounded endings that actually bring water and the sea to mind – very Summery!

17. Beach Vibes Nails

I am in awe of the beauty of these Summery nails. It’s a little extravagant and a lot more stylish, featuring your own private beach painted across your nails. While you can definitely put your DIY nail skills to the test with this style, I recommend you let your nail technician take on the intricate design for the best results.

18. Orangy Smiley Nails

These are oh-so funky fresh, and just the right amount of extra to bring those fun and exciting vibes that Summer is made out of!

19. Watermelon Summer Nail Design

These nails are deliciously gorgeous! I seriously can’t wait to try them myself. I’ve always wanted Watermelon nails, and I think this design has finally convinced me that 2023 is the year!

20. Summer Swirly Nail Design

We saw swirly nails everywhere last year, with everyone’s social media feeds packed full of different, fun versions of the extremely trendy style. Here, we see the hot look with a Summery twist that’s delightfully easy to do yourself and will have you feeling ready for the sun!

21. Smiles All Around Nails

It’s a little bit funkadelic, and a lot of fun – these little smiley face nails have my heart!

Not only are they vibrantly colorful, but the smiley face nail art also adds an extra touch of personality and glee to the uniquely gorgeous manicure.

22. Candy Swirls Summer Nail Design

These nails are so sweet! I love the charming swirls that look like ribbons swaying across your nails.

They almost give this Summer nail design an elegant or sophisticated look that’s entirely feminine and utterly gorgeous.

23. Lemonade and Jelly Summer Nails

There’s something a little fiery and passionate about these nails that make them the ideal Summer nail design for festival-going fun this year!

To achieve the jagged edges on the “fire” nails, just dip a toothpick into hot pink nail polish and get designing!

24. Dragon Fruit Nails

I have never seen anything quite like these fashionably fruity nails before that take the deliciously juicy dragon fruit and paint it across your nails.

It’s fun, it’s unique, and against all odds – it looks absolutely gorgeous!

25. Arctic Lime Green Nails

Lime green is full of those citrusy, juicy, and fresh vibes that remind us of the first sip of crisp-cool lemonade on a warm Summer’s day.

I love that despite looking like a cute little work of art, these Summer nails are actually quite easy to manage, with French tips and dots being the main tasks to conquer – you’ve got this!

26. Orange and Pink Summer Swirls

These nails make me think of those long Summer brunches that turn into an evening of lounging by the pool before you head to the beach to see the sunset. They’re full of fun vibes but easy-going at the same time and utterly flawless when it comes to their gorgeousness – what’s not to like?

27. Half Watermelon Nails

These nails captivated me for a moment with their clear, blush space paired with a little slice of watermelon placed adorably around the cuticles. Like upside-down French tips, these Summer nails have my heart. They’re short, neat, and not too flashy, meaning they can be worn anywhere this Summer.

28. Another Swirly Nails

As you can tell, swirls are taking over this Summer! The wavy effect just speaks to our Summer cravings, reminding us of the waves, fun, and sun-kissed skin that awaits us this sunny season. So, why not try out these easy-to-replicate gorgeous green nails that you’ll want to include in every holiday picture this year!

29. Blue Frenchies

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t get excited at the thought of having gorgeous blue French tips decking their nails?

These Summer nails are just the right amount of understated yet chic, with a little unique twist in the changing shades across the nails, making them one of my favorite Summer manicures by far in 2023.

30. Bikini Bottom Vibes

It’s all flower power and coral-chic with these nails that I think win the prize for being the most charmingly colorful on the list.

They’re ultra-cool and oh-so groovy, meaning everyone will be asking about your bikini bottom-inspired manicure this Summer!

31. Splash Neon Summer Nails

If you like to keep some edgy vibes all year round, this is the perfect way to pack some personality and striking boldness into your Summer nails idea collection!

This cool Summer manicure also allows you to dip into those neon nail polishes you may have been neglecting throughout the Winter and Spring seasons.

32. Trendy Neon Swirls

When it comes to trendy Summer nail ideas, swirls are my favorite.

That said, the bright neons that are promising to be incredibly hot this year are growing on me fast, making this neon Summer nail design idea one of my favorites on the list.

33. Sunset Ombre Nails

The glossy, polished sheen of these nails just calls to me.

It makes me think about what this manicure would look like glimmering in the sun, which is exactly why I’ve added it to my list of “must-try” nails for this year.

34. Rainbow Stripes Nails

These nails look like little, delicious sweets, making the perfect member of the “cute nails” club this Summer.

They’re also short and compact, meaning you can wear them absolutely everywhere.

All you need to complete this look is various nail polish colors and a few toothpicks to help you complete the fine lines!

35. Summer Mini Flowers

We love flower power and floral vibes this Summer. Set to a milky backdrop, these vibrant flowers are in full blossom and look incredibly cute and beautiful. There’s something dreamy about this look that is ideal for Summer.

36. Garden Party Summer Nail Designs

From picnics to parties, these nails are the “IT” girl nails this Summer.

They’re just the right amount of striking mixed with adorable with a hint of charm added on top. I seriously can’t get enough of them and fully plan on trying them out myself for Summer 2023.

37. Heatwave Pending Nails

These nails really bring the heat with their warm vibes and pastel lights that make me feel like booking my first Summer holiday this year right this second!

38. Barbie Fantasy

They’re a lot extra and even more sensationally stylish while setting themselves apart from any other Summer nails idea on this list thanks to their incredible crystal appeal. If you’re looking to steal the show this Summer – these are the exquisite, crystal-encrusted, fit-for-a-queen nails for you.

39. Vintage Purple

I just love the vintage-chic and elegant vibes that form this manicure masterpiece.

I’ve rarely seen such gorgeously designed French tips, which bring tea parties and picnics under the sun to mind. The violet vibes are unique and are a must-try this Summer.

40. Hot Summer Nail Designs

Get ready to want to post your nails to Instagram every day this Summer with these nails that are just made to show off!

It’s as though they include every hot trend on each nail, making these the ultimately right-on-style nails come this Summer!

41. Mushroom Nails

The sunny sky is the limit with these gorgeous Summer nails.

The multi-colored appeal is only elevated by the free-spirited “outside-of-the-lines” design that allows your imagination to run wild when you’re completing this must-try Summer nail look.

42. Let’s the Summer Begins Nail Design

Bring Summer on! One look at these beautiful and fun nails makes me wish I was on my holidays right this second!

I think these nails are perfect for early Summer when there’s excitement in the air and everyone’s just happy to be soaking in those first rays of the sun.

43. Mani Summer Nails

Unique would be an understatement when it comes to these almost otherworldly nails.

I’ve never seen anything like them before, and I’m impressed by the use of natural nails next to strikingly colorful lines.

I’m tempted to try this one myself as it looks incredibly intricate and gorgeously detailed yet, on closer inspection, appears somewhat intuitive to recreate.

44. Sunset Vibes Forever Nails

I can’t deny that this is ombré at its best.

It’s easy-going, feminine, and just downright soothing to look at. While it might not be simple to recreate, it’s more than worth it for the Summer look you’ll want to last forever.

45. Meet me at Miami Beach Nails

There’s no denying that these vibrant and full-of-personality nails are striking, if not a little bit bold.

The bright yellow is completely unmissable, and the clams and palm tree nail art brings hardcore vibes to this ultra-cool yet entirely chic Summer manicure.

46. Pure Summer Vibes

Like drinking a cocktail by the beach, these nails are sweet, yummy, and ready for fun!

The best part?

The two-tone manicure is simple to do at home, with only a couple of swirls being the most demanding of tasks.

47. Bright Summer Sun Nails

Almost feathery-fresh and oh-so chic, there’s something incredibly breezy or lighthearted about these nails that reminds me of strolling through a new city in the sun.

The yellow is classically Summer vibes while the swirls are right on trend at the moment.

48. Glossy Skittle French Tips

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