Pow! Bam! Wow! 30+ Comic Book Nails That Will Make Your Look Pop!

You know what I love about the internet? The fact that every once in a while we get trends that seem to come out of nowhere but are so creative and so stunning! Like this recent comic book / cartoon nails trend that’s swept through the internet.

I know I can’t be the only one that’s low-key obsessed with getting their nails done! There is just something so satisfying about having a fresh set of nails (am-I-right?!). And let’s be honest, I can’t be the only one that spends what is probably an (*ahem*) unhealthy amount of time scrolling through pinterest looking for nail inspo!

So when this 2D cartoon nails trend tornadoed across our collective explore pages, it was something fresh and new and fun and bold to try, right?! I love a good optical illusion but it still somehow blows my mind that a few simple black lines can make nails look 2D and realistic. That’s what’s so fun about this nail trend!

If somehow you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the comic book nail designs, you’re about to be blown away! They’re literally so creative and cool and a fun idea for your next nail set.


Pink, Green and Yellow French Tip Comic Book Nails

Who doesn’t love a good French tip nail design?! But combine that with some fun neon colors and a crazy comic book inspired design and you have such a fun and unique set of nails on your hands…

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Brown Comic Aesthetic Nails

Brown is such a stunning (and weirdly under-appreciated) nail color, but when you think of brown nails you kinda think of it more like a safe, neutral color. But these nails are far from safe and neutral, these brown comic book inspired nails are bold and fun!



Red and Black Comic Book Nails

Oh my gosh we love a bold red nail design! You can take it to the next level with the trendy comic book design. It looks so good (and way more realistic) matte instead of glossy!



Pastel Comic Book French Tip Nails

How to spice up an already uhmmm interesting nail design? With a pastel French tip of course, and not just any pastel French tip, a rainbow pastel French tip!



Brown Accent Comic Aesthetic Nails

This is another great way to spice up this nail trend. Just accent a few nails with the comic book design and for the other nails just regular solid color. Brown and black is a great combo (and it’s that specific beigey/khaki brown that’s so stunning with black!)

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Purple And Pink Bold Cartoon Nails

I’ve always loved color gradient nails, you know the kind where you get your nails done in different shades of the same color? It’s such a stunning way to style your nails – so why not combine it with the comic book nail design?!



Pink Bold Comic Nails

Agh! Another great example of the gradient nail design with a pink gradient this time, it’s stunning with the bold outlines and comic design.



Neon Orange Comic Book Nails

Neon nails make you feel fun and bright and bold, especially neon orange! This nail trend is such a good chance to have fun with your nails! Like lean completely into it, go for the punchy, loud, comic booky colors and just have fun with it…



Pink Ombre and Black Comic Nails

A fading pink French ombre is stunning enough right?! But so obsessed with the black accents on pink, we all know and love that combo!



Glossy Neon Cartoon Nails

This comic book nail trend works best on matte nails, just because it makes the effect feel more 2D and realistic. But honestly, you can’t be mad at the glossy design, it still gives off the comic book/cartoon effect and it’s still very cute!




Orange And Black Comic Book Nail Art

Obsessed with this set! First of all I’ll always love an orange manicure, but this is taking the comic nails trend to a whole new stunning level (am-I-right?)



Baby Pink Comic Book Nails

We’ve already gone over the fact that black and pink is a stunning combo, it’ll always pop! And those little white accents make these nails a little bit cute and different.



Red Ombre Comic Nails

This dark red ombre set of nails is stunning, totally giving off vampire/goth vibes right?! But yeah absolutely stunning!



Matte Teal, Purple and Pink Comic Nails

Instead of bright pastels we love to see some dark matte tones, like still colorful, but in different tones. It’s crazy how many different ways you can make a trend your own.



Beige Gradient Comic Nails

This is for the beige aesthetic lovers! Lately I’ve been obsessed with the beige aesthetic and I think we all have been. It’s such a clean, neutral and classy aesthetic, especially when it come to nail art. So obviously these beige comic book-ified nails are so cute as well!



Olive and Dark Red Comic Nails

I think it’s clear you can comic book-ifiy any nail set and still have it look stunning! These olive and burgundy nails are the proof (so cute right?!).



Pink French Tip Graphic Nails

I think we all have a weakness for a good French tip. And pink French tips are so cute, so adding a black outline and some pink accents makes these super cute and trendy.



Square Red Cartoon Nails

These nails are so mind-bending, right?! Bold red nails with white and black accents are going to pop, it’s obvious but this nail art is simple and stunning… How does it look so realistic?!



Pink and Orange Almond Nails

These nails are stunning. STUNNING! I’ve ready said I have a weakness for French tip nails, you really can’t be mad at a good rainbow frenchie especially when it’s pastels!



Shades Of Browns Cartoon Nails

This is another stunning take on the shades of brown nail aesthetic, this time more dark and bold. These brown nails really pair SO well with the comic book trend!



Teal And White Ombre Nails

This is just proof that you can do anything with this trend, I mean a french fade? With teal and white?! It’s all up to you where to take it with this comic book nails trend.



Bright Stiletto Comic Nails

Why don’t more people try stiletto nails? They’re so fierce! Even as neon, pastel, comic book nails they’re really cool!



Purple Comic Book Nails

Stunning purple and black comic book nails! This is just another stunning example of how you can pick your favorite color and comic book-ifiy it!



Brown And Black Almond Cartoon Nails

Take a look at these insanely cute mini stiletto nails! The browns and blacks are literally so cute!



Orange And Black Comic Book Nails

These orange comic book nails are so unique! There’s something about them that you can’t look away from, right? I think it’s the boxy french and reverse french tip combo, it’s so unique and cool!



Short Pink Comic Nails

If you’re into a more natural length these nails are so perfect for you! You can definitely still do comic book nails even with short nails.



White Lined Comic Book Nails

Obsessed with these nails! Instead of a black outline, you do this trend with a white outline and you have a unique and fun nail design.



Purple Aesthetic Comic Book Nails

Love purple? Just combine this stunning trend with a cool pastel purple gradient nail design!



Cozy Brown and Black Comic Book Inspired Nails

This color combo on nails is just amazing! Black and brown and beige? It’s so cute. That’s why even comic book-ified these nails are still so cute!



Gradient Orange Comic Book Nails

Will always be obsessed with a good orange nail design! Combined with this comic book nail trend and you have such stunning artsy nails!



Beige Comic Book Nail Art

I don’t know about you, but I can never resist a good white-beige nail design. So this is totally stunning, obviously

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