Regal Nails: Discover 20+ Enchanting Designs Inspired by the Elegance of Bridgerton.


Almond Pearl Tips


Love some good almond-shaped gel extensions, and looking to add an extra touch of luxe? Try getting pear-cut pearls attached to the tips—your coffee snaps have never looked more decadent.


Love in 3D


For a coquette mani that balances keeping it simple with making a statement, try a glazed pink polish (this one is applied sheer at the base and opaque at the tips to create a subtle French effect), then add 3D accents to just a few of the nails. We love how the pink heart, pearls, and oversized ivory bow take this look to the next level.


Candy Hearts


Even without gems and pearls, you can embody coquette nails’ sweet, sophisticated aesthetic using both nude and pastel pink polishes. The negative space heart designs here are stunning and allow you to feel the love in a way that doesn’t feel too Valentine’s Day.


Regency at Your Fingertips


If your favorite pastime is heading to a museum to marvel at the beautiful paintings, try bringing those vibes to your nails. The best part is that while this coquette manicure looks intricate, it’s actually pretty easy to recreate—the designs are Lights Lacquer’s Calling All Angels Nail Art Tattoos ($7), which you can carefully apply at home for an instant masterpiece.


Floral Milk Bath


These are exactly the kind of milk bath nails we dream of wearing for our next garden party. Lauren of @lolo.nailedit used real dried flowers to create this colorful look—for best results, find a pro near you who can do the same.


Pearlescent Waves


Give your chrome nails a coquette edge by bringing together a pearlescent pink base with a wavy white design. This mani uses Aisté Haas of @heygreatnails’ Glazed Barbiecore Era ($25) stick-on gels for ManiMe, so you can get the exact look in minutes with minimal stress.


Sweet Negative Space French


Another set of coquette nails that leans into the romantic, this creamy French mani is anything but ordinary thanks to accent nails that feature a negative space heart. Make sure to finish it all off with a glossy top coat so it feels especially luxe.


Coquette Blush


Blush nails have been trending over the past few months, and given their romantic, playful feel, they’re a stunning fit for the coquette aesthetic–just think of how these will coordinate with all your radiant, flushed makeup looks. Here, sparkle and heart designs as well as mini pearls take the look into Bridgerton-approved territory.


Diamond Floral


If you like the idea of pastel pink chrome with white accents but want to make it feel a bit more explicitly coquette, try creating a flower petal design and adding a few rhinestones. The painterly petals and lack of uniformity in the rhinestone placement means these nails are easy to recreate as long as you have the right polish and gems.


Glossy Pearls


These coquette nails keep it fairly simple—all you need to do is add a few pearls to a translucent, milky base, then complete the look with a glossy top coat. The result is utterly luxurious without having to spend hours on your mani.


Gradient Pearl


Can’t decide whether you want your pearlescent coquette mani to feel rosy, creamy, or icy cool? No one’s stopping you from doing all of the above. Using several pearly shades—this mani features the Cirque Colors Pearl Nacre Set ($63)—you can create an iridescent gradient look that’s sure to turn heads everywhere from the ball (we can dream) to the office to the coffee shop.


Cotton Candy Coquette


Sometimes, the best kind of sweet treat is one you can gaze at for days to weeks on end. A cotton candy blend of pinks is sure to make you smile, while the sparkle and dot designs add an extra touch of decadent whimsy.


Barbiecore Butterflies


Barbiecore, meet coquette—these nails are the best of both worlds with their multiple shades of pink and intricate butterfly designs. We’re in love, as they simultaneously feel sophisticated and remind us of the era (if you know, you know).


Coquette Chanel


Still thinking about all the iconic looks from this year’s Met Gala? Us, too. Pearls were a perfectly coquette part of the night, and we love how they look here against a black base with negative space half-moons.


La Vie En Rose


No flower is more coquette than a rose, and these hand-painted designs are sure to have you dreaming of a romantic walk through the garden. You may want to head to a nail tech for these to save yourself the hassle of trying to recreate such an intricate design on your own.


Gilded Auras


Aura nails are a genius idea for Mercury retrograde times, and it turns out all you need to adapt them into a coquette manicure is a set of golden chrome heart designs. The gilded romantic vibes remind me of this video of old Hollywood actresses Angela Pringle and Jenny Bridges deadpanning about how “money makes them romantic,” which is honestly the perfect Bridgerton energy.


Gold Leaf with Roses


Go all in on the luxury by swapping polish for gold leaf paper. Top the mani with pink rose designs on select nails for a romantic coquette touch.


Ribboned Velvet


Think pink in the most coquette of ways by going with a glittering velvet base, French tip accent nails, and a 3D Barbie bow on your ring finger. Your manicure will truly feel like a special package.


Coquettish Clouds


Perhaps you find cloudy, rainy days to be the most coquette of them all, and we get it—the possibilities are endless when you spend an afternoon indoors wandering aimlessly around the library or museum. Show off your belief that every cloud has a silver lining with this mani, which features a translucent gray and nude base with fluffy cloud designs on top.


Bejeweled Botanicals


Nothing upgrades an outfit like a dazzling assortment of jewelry, so bring that philosophy to your mani by adorning your coquette nails with pearls and gold accents galore. This look also features botanical designs for an elegant springtime statement.

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