Shimmering Elegance: 64 Exquisite Nail Designs Embellished with Rhinestones in 2023.

French nails are defined as a mani with a band of white across the tip that contrast with a nude, pale pink or clear color below it. Why not add some rhinestoes to your french mani for the optimal chicness and dazzle?!


Get these nails on: Etsy


Get these nails on: Etsy
















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Long nail designs with rhinestones

Do you like long nails with a whole lotta’ rhinestones? Here are some stunning long nail designs with rhinestones we love:





















Short nail designs with rhinestones

Not a fan of longer nails? Looking for nails more on the shorter side? I got you!
















Gold nail designs with rhinestones

So far, I’ve shown you a lot of silver rhinestone nail designs, but what if you’re into gold? No worries, here are some STUNNING gold nail designs with rhinestones!









So here are 64+ stunning nail designs with rhinestones. Now let’s cover how to apply your false nails and keep this looking amazing!

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