Sleeping in Style: 10+ Eye-Catching Round Beds for a Bedroom Makeover.

Large bedrooms present somewhat of a quandary to the decorator. Once you have your bed, your dresser, a nightstand and maybe a vanity and chair, how do you make your bedroom seem full and finished? How do you add to the essentials? The answer is that you don’t. You simply expound on your essentials. Get the biggest, coziest chair you can find. Opt for the two long horizontal dressers instead of the vertical ones. Splurge on a round bed instead of a square one. That’s right, a round bed. What better way to take up space than filling it with a large cozy bed for relaxing, reading and rest? Take a look at these 10 round beds to turn your head.

Looking for the perfect bed for your modern bedroom? Go round. The unexpected shape will blend perfectly with your classy colors and contemporary textures.

You don’t need a modern styled home to have a round bed. Even the coziness of Scandinavian decor will accommodate the round shape. In fact, with all those blankets and pillows, it might seem even more inviting than the normal shaped bed.


Maybe a white round bed isn’t your style. Lucky for you, you can easily keep the shape and go for something a little warmer in tone. Like this round bed with a wood frame that just beckons you to sink into the best sleep you’ve ever had.


Every girl has wanted a fairy tale bedroom growing up. As you’re planning your daughter’s bedroom, give her a round canopy bed that will be just like something out of a princess movie. Exactly like Sleeping Beauty.

Teenagers will benefit from round beds too. With the decidedly larger mattress, their pillow fights, dance parties and sleepovers will be more comfortable for more friends which is a win for everyone.


Love the round style but can’t afford that round mattress? Treat yourself to the round bed frame and layer the square mattress you already have on top. It will look much more luxurious than you ever thought possible.


You might already have a round bed and you’re looking for ways to update it a little bit or just give it a different look. Bring on the fringe. Line the whole mattress with a fringe curtain and you’ll have created a seemingly brand new space for yourself.


Maybe you’re looking at your bedroom, really wanting to add a round bed but unsure if it will fit. We say go for it. Even if it ends up a bit snug, the round corners will give you more available floor space than a square mattress would!


Even your tiniest one can benefit from a round bed to sleep on. Choose a round crib for your nursery and you’ll never have to worry about your little one rolling into corners or losing the pacifier to the bunched up blanket because there are no corners or edges in the first place.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to put your round bed indoors. Hang a round bed on your large porch for rainy day hangs, Sunday afternoon naps and snuggle sessions.

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