Soothing Elegance: 10 Beautiful Decor Ideas Using Sage.

You might have noticed it already. Even though Pantone’s color of the year is a vibrant purple, there is a soft green invading our decorating. It’s easy to understand why. First, green is a calming color so naturally we would want it everywhere in our home. Second, green as a sage color gives you the ability to put it anywhere and everywhere you want. From the kitchen to the bedroom, there is a way to include the dusty green shade. Here are 10 beautiful ways to decorate with sage, each of which you’ll want to implement in your own home by the time you’re done.


When we talk about including a particular color in our homes, paint is one of the immediate conclusions. Luckily sage is such a soft color, you can paint a whole room with it and it won’t feel dark or dreary.



Non-white kitchen cabinets are having a moment in the design world. When people are choosing white walls and white tile for the rest of the space, colored cabinets give it a finished look. Sage is that perfect light shade that will make all your food look even better.



Since cool calming colors are what you want to swath your bedroom in, sage should go on the options list. Whether you go very monochrome sage or use it as your base amidst other shades, it will quiet your soul as you go to sleep.



Maybe you love sage but you want to use it wisely. No one can fault you for giving your powder room a little makeover with sage. It will bring the green you needed when you don’t have room for lots of decor.



One thing we’ve learned in the past few years is that there is a wallpaper for everything. Even a patterned paper in sage green somehow manages to be stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Perfect for bedrooms and home offices.


Do you have some inherited furniture that needs a good makeover? Stock up on sage spray paint. With a few free hours on a sunny afternoon, you can give those not-so-lovely pieces a needed lift that will end up bringing color and depth to your space.


When you need a big bang for a few bucks, look to your room’s window treatments. A set of new drapes in sage green could be just the thing your space needs to look cozy and classic this season.


Of course drapes aren’t the only textiles that look good in green. Scour your favorite shops for sage pillow covers to start. Maybe you’ll find some soft sage artwork or vases along the way.


If you ever find yourself seriously, devotedly in love with a color, don’t think twice about letting it be known. Have your home’s exterior painted sage green and your house will be the most picturesque on the block.


Of course you might not have the finances to go full out exterior revamp. Instead, paint your front door sage green to give yourself the most welcoming prospect each time you arrive home. Not to mention all your family and friends.

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