Stylish Statements: 10 Creative Ideas for Showcasing Chevron Wallpaper in Your Home.

Chevron is definitely having a moment. People have tried to push it out of style and it just hasn’t worked. Like our stripes, chevron will probably always be on trend. It’s probably because it fits with a wide variety of styles which is always appealing for any decorator. So when you have something that will match with any and all decorating in a space, why wouldn’t you plaster it all over the wall? Because wallpaper is on trend too so bringing the two together just seems like a really good idea. Take a look at these 10 ways to display chevron wallpaper in your home.


Starting with neutrals is always a good place to begin when you’re considering wallpaper. Unless it’s removable, you won’t want to install it and be wrong. That’s why this gray and white chevron wallpaper is so perfect. It will match with whatever colors grace this room in the future.


Sometimes keeping it understanded is the best way to make a statement. Like using chevron wallpaper for an accent wall in this nursery. It brings life and playfulness to the room without taking over all your attention.

Maybe you need something that’s just as bright and busy as the little people who hang out there. In that case, opt for something that’s a little bolder in color choice but still matches your decor. Blues or greens are always a good idea.

Wallpaper in the bathroom? It’s happening all over the country at the moment and you’ll find that it’s a really neat way to bring an unexpected element to an unexpected place. Wallpapering your bathroom in chevron really packs a power punch to your design.


You might be looking for an option that’s a bit more understated and we wouldn’t blame you. For a bedroom or master bath, choosing a chevron wallpaper with a natural wood pattern gives you more of the spa vibe instead of busyness.


Some people are really slow movers when it comes to decorating decisions so wallpaper might seem completely out of the question. However, when you can cover a small portion of the wall in chevron to test it out, it’s a great way to slowly bring the pattern into play in your space.


When you find that perfect trendy understated touch for your space, you can’t help but do a little happy dance. Like I’m sure this bedroom’s owner did when they had the pearly white chevron wallpaper installed. It’s simply gorgeous.


Kitchens are perfect places to infuse with pattern but what do you do when you can’t afford the tiled backsplash? You wallpaper the wall behind your cabinets in chevron beauty. You won’t regret all that style.


It can certainly be tough to bring design to the small awkward nooks and crannies. But when you consider the major impact a patterned wallpaper makes, the solution becomes simple. Just put in your favorite modern wallpaper to make your new favorite nook.

What if your walls had texture as well as pattern? That’s what this foyer brings to the game and it’s definitely a game changer. Suddenly you can consider how your chevron wallpaper will look and feel in the rest of your home decor.

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