The Hottest TikTok Home Decor Trends You Need to Know About.

If you’re ready to spruce up your decor, try one of these viral TikTok home decor trends.



Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism – rather than eliminating items, you add them to your home. You can create a maximalist look by adding lots of color, pattern, and texture to your space. Layer in fun accessories like statues, ornaments, rugs, and blankets. With maximalism, you don’t have to worry about breaking design rules because there aren’t any.

Textured Walls


Textured walls can make a more boring space look vibrant and exciting. TikTok has made limewashing, in particular, very popular. You can achieve this look as a DIY project, but it may be better to consult a professional if you want to cover lots of space.



Cottagecore refers to home decor that looks like it’s from a whimsical cottage setting. The TikTok home decor trend gives your home an idealized, rural feel with English Countryside decor elements – vintage home accessories, fresh wildflowers, and soft natural lighting are essential.

Black Accents


Black accents add structure and depth to any room in your home. You can choose to go for black finishes in a bathroom, black accessories, or even a black accent wall. Keep the rest of your furnishings paler in color and ensure lots of light to avoid a black-accented room looking gloomy.


Dried Flowers


Dried flowers make a cost-effective and low-effort alternative to keeping fresh flowers. One affordable bunch of dried flowers can last for many months. TikTok favors more colorful bouquets, though you can select any dried flower options to suit your decor and taste.

Coastal Grandmother

“Coastal grandmother” is a TikTok home decor trend that combines a preppy and a beachside aesthetic. You can introduce “coastal grandmother” into your home by choosing light-colored wooden furniture, navy stripes, and natural fibers. Woven baskets, mats, and light, neutral, knitted soft furnishings also fit the trend.

Arches and Curves

Arches and curves are one of the biggest TikTok home decor trends. Replacing a door or window frame with an arch can make your home look very TikTok trendy. But you can do something as simple as painting an arch on your wall in a contrasting color to get the look.

Sunset Lighting



Sunset lighting refers to warm, orange, or yellow-toned lighting. It can make a huge difference to the feel of a space by casting a warm, happy glow. You can opt for one of the TikTok famous sunset lamps or replace one of your existing bulbs with a yellow-orange tint to achieve the look.

Living Walls


A living wall features shrubs and climbing plants. It’s a fun way to update your home’s plant collection and create an attractive wall feature. Living walls change over time as plants flower and grow, making them a point of interest in a room, whatever the weather.

Green Cupboards


Green cupboards have taken TikTok by storm. In the past, neutral cabinets and cupboards were the go-tos. But now, opting for a fun, bright color like green can update your kitchen or bathroom. Green is invigorating but also calming and reminiscent of the natural world.

Mid-Century Furniture


Mid-century furniture refers to pieces created between 1945 and 1969. The furniture looks modern with sleek, bold, or curved lines. Look for furniture made from rich colored teak wood. Accents of metal, glass, and acrylic are very mid-century modern, too.

Taupe Tones


Taupe is a midpoint between gray and brown, balancing warmth and coolness. Gray can look clinical, and brown can look too earthy. But taupe offers a compromise between the two, making it a balanced neutral. Taupe walls make a room look cozy and spacious at the same time.




Grandmillennial is a new TikTok home decor trend that’s a modern take on a more twee, vintage-inspired aesthetic. You can achieve a grandmillennial look in your home by choosing elements such as floral patterns, china ornaments, and modern hardware. The balance of modern and traditional will keep your home looking fresh.

Pink Bathrooms


Pink bathrooms represent a move away from boring, minimal styles. But don’t worry, to get this look, you don’t have to replace all your bathroom fixtures with pink ones – try painting a pink accent wall or adding some pink accessories instead.

Statement Ceilings


Statement ceilings add interest to an oft-neglected element of your home’s design. Add eye-catching color or texture to your ceiling to make the most of every inch of your decorating space. TikTok recommends adding a mural or some textured wood paneling.



Cluttercore takes one of the biggest home decor taboos and turns it into a fun TikTok trend. Clutter is a natural part of living, but by curating and emphasizing your favorite objects, you can add a pleasing touch to your home. Choose clutter that has a sentimental value to create a space that feels personal.

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