The Trendiest Gray Green Paint Shades Taking the Market by Storm.

Gray green paint has made its way to the top in the world of interior design and it’s easy to see why. It’s no secret that green paint has been climbing in popularity in recent years.



Contemporary and calming, it has the ability to refresh any living space. Likewise, gray offers a neutral look that agrees with a host of colors, making it easy to work with.


These two separate colors carry plenty of advantages when used apart, so what happens when you combine them? You end up with a beautiful gray green that has all of those benefits and more.

Stay put and see why this earthy combination can give your home the best of both colors.

Why Choose A Gray Green Paint Color?

For starters, gray green paint can be incorporated into a number of color palettes. Mixing well with reds, browns, whites, pinks and more, there’s endless options to use alongside gray green paint colors.

Also, it meshes with just about any style choice. From eclectic to modern country, gray green paint covers all the bases.


In addition, gray green paint isn’t just a recent trend in wall color only. It’s popping up as an accent throughout homes via cabinets, interior doors, wainscoting and more, meaning you’ve got countless ways to use this trendy color.

How to Choose a Gray Green Paint Color

As you may have guessed, the majority of choosing a gray green paint will be based on personal preference. However, there’s one critical aspect to consider when it comes to gray green color choices and that’s the tone. Gray green paint colors cover a large scale of tones from soft neutrals all the way up to dark warm hues.

With such a wide range in tone, choosing the perfect color for you means establishing which you prefer:

  • Neutral Tones: While many green grays can be considered neutrals, there are select hues that lean far more neutral than the rest. Neutrals are muted and colorless in nature, so with gray being a main neutral color, it’s no wonder green gray can present neutral. If you’re looking for a color that’s earthy, natural and is easy to fit in, neutral green grays are for you.
  • Cool Tones: Producing a sense of freshness, cool tones have a light and crisp feel. With green being a central cool tone, there’s no shortage of grayish green paint colors to choose from. Giving off a calming vibe, cool colors are said to be perfect for your home’s private rooms. For those seeking a relaxing and bright oasis, cooler tones are the way to go.
  • Warm Tones: A more stand out option, warm tones are known to be energetic and stimulating. Even though gray and green don’t fall squarely into this category on their own, together they can evoke a sense of warmth. Warmer tones are perfect for living spaces like a dining room or family room, so if you’re working toward a more welcoming and comfortable space, warmer tones are your best bet.


Gray Green Complementary Colors

Since gray green paint colors run from darker, warmer colors to cooler, softer tones, complementary colors for your specific paint choice will vary. Even so, there’s some general color groups you can rely on to coordinate with most gray green color palettes.

  • Reds
  • Soft Pinks
  • Whites
  • Beige/Greige
  • Select Oranges
  • Browns
  • Blues
  • Select Neons
  • Yellows

If you’re looking for more clear-cut ideas, here’s a handful of real brand colors you can try:

  • Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay: A muted, medium orange.
  • Benjamin Moore Forest Floor: A dark, rich green hue.
  • Sherwin Williams Spare White: A cool white with slightly gray undertones.
  • Benjamin Moore Seaspray: A neutral beige with hints of gray and green.
  • Sherwin Williams Prairie Grass: A warm, medium-hued brown.
  • Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink: A soft, rose-colored pink.

The Best Gray Green Paint Colors

There’s tons of green gray paint colors to pick from but here’s a collection of customers favorite green paint colors that stand out in the crowd.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog – LRV 30


Named the Sherwin Williams 2022 color of the year, Evergreen Fog is making its mark with a rich and full-bodied look. With great depth and clear character, it has the potential to fit an array of decor styles.

Behr Shy Green – LRV 63

A muted green gray paint with warm undertones, Behr Shy Green is the perfect pale paint in all the right ways. More subdued than others, it blends into its environment with ease, leaving a great deal of options for decor.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt – LRV 63


Pale blue and green undertones meet light gray in this ever-popular paint. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt shows different with natural light coming in, but still retains its shade of green in most settings.

Farrow and Ball French Gray – LRV 44

A higher cost with an even higher reward, Farrow & Ball’s French Gray may read more gray on paper but don’t let that fool you. With a larger concentration of green, it presents as the most gentle green gray paint sure to create a soothing hue for any room.

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe – LRV 64

One of the most neutral colors in this selection, Silverpointe uses blue and green undertones to draw out the overall gray-green shade. Appearing as a cool gray paint, it emits a sense of elegance, creating clean lines and an easy canvas to style.


Benjamin Moore Budding Green – LRV 59.65

A mellow paint on the lighter side of green, Benjamin Moore Budding Green is the perfect green gray paint to brighten your room. Touches of gray undertones peek through in the right lighting, evening out the bright overtone.

Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay – LRV 44

A cool green shade with blue and gray undertones, Oyster Bay has a level of neutrality that makes its surroundings functional. In the same color family as the popularized Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, this medium-toned green gray grounds its space while extending its depth.

Benjamin Moore October Mist – LRV 46.54

Chosen as Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2022, this earth tone brings natural energy to its environment. A sage green with strong character, Benjamin Moore October Mist is a green-gray paint with just the right amount of warmth.


Behr Sage Gray – LRV 36

Reading as a pastel, Behr’s Sage Gray is one of the classic gray-green paint colors. An even balance of the two, this Behr paint reveals all the benefits of the separate colors in one. Offering warm colors and an even tone, this paint will make you feel revitalized in your own home.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – LRV 55.05

At first glance it may seem all gray, but Revere Pewter carries one of the most subtle, yet beautiful green undertones to be had. A versatile color, this Benjamin Moore favorite may shift its warmth in the natural light but it retains its beauty regardless.


Farrow and Ball Green Smoke – LRV 19

A dark and almost moody vibe, Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke proves why dark doesn’t equal dingy. It’s depth creates a warm and welcoming place with plenty of room for lighter personal touches.

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe – LRV 68.25

Some say Benjamin Moore’s Healing Aloe airs more on the side of blue than green, but its track record says otherwise. Countless examples show Healing Aloe to have strong gray and green undertones even when exposed to natural light. Its soft and airy feel will add a sense of unmatched calmness to your space.

Gray Green Paint in Homes

Seeing a paint color on a swatch is one thing, but that doesn’t always translate to how the color will read when it’s in your space. Take a look at these real homes for examples of how several gray-green paints are present in different parts of the home.



Using Farrow & Ball’s French Gray, these cabinets show off the cohesiveness of gray-green paint.



Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog is used to liven up this entryway wainscoting.



Showing both its green and gray, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt captures the combination’s soft side.

Living Room

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter displays the medium warmth of gray-green paint in this living area.



A light gray with hints of green undertones, Sherwin Williams Silverpointe offers a neutral color to fit any space.

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