Unleash Your Nail Artistry: 35+ Mesmerizing Nail Designs That Will Inspire Your Creativity.

1. Green St Patrick’s Day Nails with Glittery Touch

We’re seeing a lot of two glittery and three full-colored manicures this year. And while they work beautifully, we’re ready for something a little extra like the glitter-meets-color thumb here.

2. Viridescent St Patrick’s Nail Design

These half-color oval nails are a rare beauty. Like elongated French tips, there’s a hint of elegance to these St Patrick’s Day Nails that are elevated by the sharp contrast between natural nails and polish.

While these nails certainly fall within the DIY category, you’ll need plenty of nail polish remover and cotton buds to perfect the sharp dividing line.

A pro tip is to cover half of the nail in tape and paint the other before removing the tape for half-nail polished perfection.

3. Green Swirly French Tips

Everyone knows that Frenchies can be fresh; all it takes is a little creativity, some art skills, and festively colored nail polish.

The result is this trendy St Patrick’s day manicure that’s sure to wow.

4. Layered Heart Green Nails

In terms of St Patrick’s day nail designs, this has to be the most trendy. Layered hearts are everywhere this year.

It’s the 3D appeal that brings every manicure to life alongside their funky-fresh vibe that can’t be paralleled.

5. Euphoria Nails for St Patrick’s Day

Pairing white with green makes for a captivating contrast, and that’s even before the swirls come into the picture.

These St Patrick’s day nails display a mix of geometrical illusions that evoke psychedelic vibes that are tough to master but doable.

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6. Jade St Patrick’s Nail Design

The rich, sumptuous shade of jade is perfectly reflective of Ireland this St Patrick’s day.

It’s one of the liveliest yet solid green colors that leaves no room for doubt about what special day you’re celebrating with these fabulous nails.

7. Different Shades of Green Nail Colors

I have yet to come across a shade of green that doesn’t look great on nails, and this St Patrick’s Day-inspired manicure shows exactly what I mean by that.

Showing off exactly what green nail polish is capable of with a little skill, these green nails make the best of waves, swirls, color block, and adorable nail art for a manicure that’s got it all.

8. Green Zebra Nails

We’re so used to the stark black-and-white contrast of classic zebra nails that a complementing shades twist is always a nice surprise.

Using two different shades of green, a gorgeous zebra pattern is created strategically using fine lines that look best on short nails.

9. Laurel St Patrick’s Nail Color

The best thing about green nails? There are only a zillion different shades to choose from, so adjust according to your mood or the event vibe.

A little bit like with this neutral shamrock-green nail color: light, fun, and a great spring nail idea.

10. Lime French Tips

One of the reasons why French Tips are a much-loved favorite among nail fashionistas and pretty much everyone is their incredible versatility.

These easy-to-achieve tips can incorporate all styles and designs, making them the perfect nail idea for celebrating special occasions and big days.

As you can see, things are no different when it comes to St Patrick’s Day.

11. Green Nails with French Tip Touch

What better way to spice up a themed manicure than to add some gorgeous French tips?

If you’d like to go monochrome without going “monostyle” this St Patrick’s day, then these nails are the perfect pick for you.

12. Half Swirly Nails

There’s something a little minty about these nails that I think could hold up all year round.

The light green polish framed by a slick white line makes for a unique and fresh look that’s enhanced by the swirly take on timeless French tips.

13. Abstract Nails

Abstract nails are ideal for the budding DIY nail artist who may need a little room for error.

With abstract nails, you don’t have to draw within the lines or perfect your polish strokes.

Instead, you can achieve your own personal fabulous look that’ll be just as chic as the one above.

14. Green Dotted Nails

What better way to upgrade a classic green manicure than to sprinkle it with adorable polka dots?

This look is heartwarming and charming, and I love its ability to survive passed St Patrick’s day as a versatile look.

If you have short nails, this is definitely the manicure I’d recommend to bring out the best in your nails.

15. Half Moon Different Shades of Green

Gradient nails are my favorite take on typical French tips.

Round up a range of grean polishes and start with the darkest on your thumb, painting each tip a lighter shade until you reach your pinkie finger.

16. Tiger stripes

Tiger stripes on long nails are the ideal way to add a little extravagance to your manicure.

Leveraging the natural nail underneath instead of applying a base of colored polish makes for a chic, mature look that still has “Happy St. Patrick’s day” written all over it.

The square nail shape also adds a polished edge to the classic green nails for a manicure with plenty of personality.

17. Green Marble St Patrick’s Nails

Mesmerizing nails can never possibly go out of style.

That said, they are having a moment with everyone trying to achieve the perfect watercolor look that’s delightfully dreamy and a little dashing without looking too flashy or fake.

Here, we see the more matter version of that look, shunning glossiness for a more marvelous marble look that’s to die for.

18. St Patrick’s Nails with Rainbow Touch

Find your own pot of gold with these gorgeous St Patrick’s day nail designs that are completely one-of-a-kind.

Firstly, the color block nail is such an unexpected touch, but it works gorgeously next to the sensational splash of color that is a diagonal rainbow tip.

Pair with full-colored nails, and you’ve got the most charming St Patrick’s day nails known to the beauty world.

19. Rich Sage Green St Patrick’s Nail Color

Sage is one of those colors that holds the fashion industry hostage with its rich, deep hues that make everything look good.

These nails are no different. With a simple slick of perfectly-executrd jade polish, they stand head and shoulders above some nails that take hours to perfect!

I think the key to achieving this striking monochrome look is the nail shape, which is a little bit like a long oval and entirely elegant.

20. Sprouting Nails

Making the most of the ombré trend, this manicure pairs natural nails with a light green polish.

The fade is essential to the gorgeous appearance of these nails and also just happened to be the hardest part to replicate.

So, while this St Patrick’s day manicure could be the ideal canvas for testing out your skills, I recommend you let your nail tech take a look for the best results.

21. Abstract Green Nails

Funky-fresh vibes sprout from these flowery fun nails. Making great use of almost every green shade on the spectrum, these nails are a masterclass in expert nail craftsmanship made to look easy.

Each nail has its own little perfect portrait, from the yin and yang pinkie nail to the swirly thumb. If you’re brave enough, take it on yourself, but your might want to let your nail tech really bring this one to life.

22. Emerald St Patrick’s Green Nails

From a double-lined French tip thumb to a little green drop on your index finger and all the way to a full-colored pinkie, there’s something captivatingly diverse yet laid-back about these casually trendy St Patrick’s Day nail designs that are a must-try.

23. Half Moon French Nails with Flower Branch

An otherwise causal St Patrick’s day manicure is elevated to mesmerizingly unique status by the simple addition of a gorgeous vine on the middle nail.

Really completing this darling look, however, is the simple yet chic white French tip that stands out among the green tips for a one-of-a-kind look that’s delicately beautiful.

24. Mother’s Earth is Calling

It’s hard to make swirls work on short nails, but this stunning manicure manages it effortlessly.

The trick is to use finer lines for the swirls while allowing the natural nail to shine through. The result is a trendy, neat look that’s incredibly fun and perfect for St Patrick’s day.

25. Water Marbled St Patrick’s Nail Design

Adding some gold polish or gold fould takes your green nail idea from “adorable and whimsical” to “just raised my rates.”

The result is fabulous, and honestly, isn’t that the exact energy we’re trying to bring in 2023?

26. Dotticure Gradient Nails

St Patrick’s day nails don’t always have to scream green. Other times, they can whisper your cheer with chic, casual flair.

Here, we have the perfect example of paying homage to St Patrick’s day without being overly green.

Instead, a gorgeous blend of white and red dots is applied to the nail tip, with little hints of green sprinkled in between. With enough patience, this manicure is definitely a DIY style.

27. Green Tortoise Nails

A mix of orange hues of different transparencies is used to create a breathtaking amber effect that’s swirled across these nails elegantly alongside green swirls that seem to flow easily to and fro. While these nails aren’t explicitly St Patrick’s day-themed, they are certainly fit for a celebration and ready to look absolutely stunning in pictures whenever you are.

28. Green Mani Nails

Making the best of straight lines, color block, and your natural nails, this St. Patrick’s day manicure really has it all.

The interrupted French tips even have a shimmery edge that takes these nails to the next level, letting everyone know you painted them, especially for the big day.

29. Glittery St Patrick’s Day Nails

St Patrick’s day nails don’t always have to be shamrocks and tricolor flags. Sometimes, you can do the big day justice just by adding a little shimmer to your green shades.

The gold flakes on this manicure really make it, while the use of two different shades is an easy yet stylishly effective way to add personality.

30. Chasing the Sun Over the Rainbow Nails

Diagnol French tips always have a certain stylish edge to them.

They’re a little bold, plenty striking, and that effect is deepened here by the multi-shade green lines that create a verdant rainbow effect that’s the stuff of perfect St Patrick’s day manicures. Pair that with some shamrock nail art, and you’re onto a winner.

31. Reversed Moon Mojito Nails

Ready to party this St Patrick’s day? Then these nails are the perfect choice to get down with you!

There’s plenty of fun vibes in the citrusy lime polish that’s used free-spiritedly across the nails, found gracing both the cuticles and the tips with a few polka dots in-between for an absolutely funky-fresh yet chic finish.

32. Eat your Greens

From cuticle to tip, these nails showcase the best green nail polish has to offer.

Coming together in a swirly medley on two nails are a blend of green shades that are juxtaposed with three solid, monochrome nails that add a clean-cut and sharp appeal to this luxurious manicure.

33. Swirly Shade of Green St Patrick’s Nail Colors

As one of the hottest trends of the year, it was only a matter of time before someone added swirls to French tips.

To our delight, the daring move has clearly worked, as you can see above. The multi-shade lines also add a radiant rainbow effect to the nails that’s almost impossible to take your eyes off.

34. Bottega Nails

The “drops” of green polish on these nails almost have a floaty effect as they appear to move around the nail, creating a casual look.

However, this laid-back vibe is instantly upgraded to luxurious-chic. This is because of the long oval shape of this flawless St Patrick’s day nail designs.

Fortunately, it’s easy to claim this look for yourself. Especially, if your nails are long enough with just one shade of green polish and a little free-spirited creativity.

35. Modern St Patrick’s Nail Design

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