Unlock the Charm of Your Kitchen with these 18+ Captivating Farmhouse Pantry Door Designs.

Create a distinctive look for your pantry with a farmhouse pantry door. A pantry door, this humble entrance, is well-placed for upgrading your farmhouse style as it is one of the most visible doors in the kitchen. From sliding barn pantry doors to vintage glass doors, there are so many ways to create this rustic and comfortable style.

Farmhouse Pantry Door Ideas

Farmhouse pantry doors are one of the best ways for making this ubiquitous door unique. We have rounded up some of the best ideas that we could find to inspire you to create your own farmhouse chic design.


Farmhouse Sliding Pantry Door


Sliding doors are wonderful for creating an unaffected farmhouse style. Also, they are efficient for pantries as they do not take up space in the pantry or in the kitchen when they are open. For this style farmhouse pantry door, you do need available wall space, so this is not a good option for corner pantry layouts.

Paneled Farmhouse Double Pantry Doors


Create a look of casual elegance by using paneling to define your farmhouse pantry doors. This reach-in pantry gets a style boost with these inset vertical paneled doors and long-handled pulls. Don’t forget to heighten the efficiency of your pantry doors with behind the door cabinets for light items like spices.

Double “X” Paneled Farmhouse Pantry Door


If vertical paneling is not rustic enough for you, try a farmhouse style pantry door with a barn door style. This sliding pantry door has a double “X” design, and the designer has upgraded the look with gray distressed paint and dark hardware to complement the pops of black in the pantry.

Vintage Farmhouse Pantry Door


Vintage doors are gorgeous options for farmhouse pantry doors because they are so varied and unique. Choose a pantry farmhouse door with stained glass like this one from Kinston Southern Properties. This pantry door takes the quirky and colorful style of this pantry to a whole new level.

Farmhouse Pantry Screen Door


Nothing says relaxation quite like a screen door. Create this same simple and relaxed look inside your home by using a screen door in place of your pantry door. The designers of Fox Country Farmhouse used a stained screen door surrounded by distinctive grained wood trim to create a focal point amidst the painted wood paneling.

Farmhouse Pantry Door with Glass


If you want to create visual continuity between your kitchen and pantry opt for a farmhouse glass pantry door. RenoDeco used a weathered wood door to provide texture and warmth within the neutral colored kitchen.

Pocket Farmhouse Pantry Door


Pocket doors, like barn doors, slide open rather than open into the room. This allows you to utilize all the space in both rooms when the door is open. Unlike a barn door, pocket doors slide into the wall and out of sight when open. You must have available wall space and depth in order to build an opening for pocket doors. Pocket farmhouse pantry doors are a great way to get a farmhouse look and custom style in one door design.

Dutch Farmhouse Pantry Door


Dutch door is a style that is split in a horizontal direction in the middle. This allows you to open either the top or bottom section independent of the other section. A Dutch door works well as a pantry door because it creates separation yet gives in visual continuity if you want to keep one portion of the door open. This door style has a relaxed vibe which makes it work well as a farmhouse pantry door.

Farmhouse Pantry Door with Frosted Glass


If you like the idea of extra light in your pantry, but aren’t ready to expose your interior pantry to outside eyes, a pantry door with frosted glass is an idea to consider. These provide light but still opacity. Add farmhouse style to the pantry door with a decorative etched design.

Rustic Farmhouse Pantry Door


A unique way to create a rustic farmhouse pantry door style is by using fabric to line the door. For this farmhouse door, the designer used fabric to back the glass panels. This softens the look of the door and provides more opacity than the clear glass panels.

Farmhouse Bi-fold Pantry Doors


For reach-in pantries, bifold doors are a way to limit the space that double doors take up when open. Kitchen & Bath ReStylers gave this pantry a farmhouse style with paneled bi-fold doors. These bi-fold doors have a plank door style to give them a rustic quality.

Modern Farmhouse Pantry Door


If you are looking to create a more modern farmhouse kitchen style, consider using simple shaker paneled doors with unique door knobs. These double doors are painted in a simple warm gray tone and accented with simple ceramic knobs. This simple style allows the doors to blend with a modern look instead of being typecast in the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Double Pantry Doors with Decorative Glass


Double pantry doors can elevate the look of your pantry. Use narrow dark stained double doors with white surrounding walls to create a gorgeous focal point. Add some decorative glass to inhibit visibility and add antique gold or brass hardware to give the door some shine.

Painted Farmhouse Pantry Doors


Update the look of your pantry door by painting it a vibrant color. For this reach-in pantry, 4th Avenue Carpentry & Construction, used glass green sliding double barn doors to highlight the farmhouse look.

Built-in Farmhouse Pantry Doors


One of the best ways to elevate the style of your kitchen is with built-in custom cabinetry. This built-in pantry cabinet features tall floor to ceiling pantry doors. They have a three panel shaker style door with top to bottom door back shelves for the most efficient use of space.

Farmhouse Pantry Doors with Chalkboard Insert


One practical and simple farmhouse kitchen pantry door design features a chalkboard insert. This gives you a practical place to jot down notes and food items you need to buy. It also provides rustic detailing that fits well with farmhouse design.

Farmhouse Pantry Cabinet Doors


If you have a large room that functions as a butler’s pantry and food pantry, you have space to highlight farmhouse style inside the room. Consider speciality cabinet options like sliding cabinet pantry doors.

Black Farmhouse Pantry Door


A black farmhouse pantry door creates a distinctive focal point. Use diagonal paneling and brilliant gold hardware to create a modern farmhouse style.

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