Unlocking the Beauty of Wooden Doors: A Comprehensive Journey through Types and Styles.

Wooden doors are some of the oldest kinds of interior and exterior doors. Why do wooden doors benefit today’s homeowners? Wooden doors aren’t just functional, they can display artistry and craftsmanship for those looking to enhance their home’s design style.

Wooden doors also work better for homes across different climates. According to premium door manufacturer Pella, wooden doors adjust to climate better than synthetic doors. The wooden panel within a fixed frame can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This means that a wooden door will act as a natural insulator.

Wooden Doors: Types

There are two broad categories of wooden doors: interior wooden doors and exterior wooden doors.

Interior Wood Doors

These are used on the interior of the home to separate spaces and to enhance your home design. There are three main types of interior wooden doors: solid wood door, solid core door, and hollow core door.

Exterior Wood Doors

Wooden exterior doors are used to protect your home from weather and from intruders. Wood exterior doors also enhance your home’s style and design. Solid wood and composite wood doors are two common wood exterior doors.

What are Solid Wood Doors?

The structure of solid wood doors is all wood. Some solid wood doors feature glass or metal as part of their decorative design. A wood door with glass or metal can still be considered a solid wood door as long as it is made from all solid wood besides decoration and hardware.

Style of Solid Wood Doors

Solid wooden doors are crafted from pieces of solid wood fitted together in different styles. One of the most common solid wooden door styles is paneled doors made from fitting panels into frames of horizontal stiles and vertical rails. Another common solid wood door is louvered doors. Manufacturers create louvered doors with small vertical slats fitted into horizontal stiles.

Location of Use

Solid wood doors are used as both interior and exterior doors. Many homeowners have solid wooden front doors with decorative glass or metal. Solid wood interior doors are less common because they are more expensive than other types of wooden doors.


Wood Varieties

Manufacturers create solid wood doors from different varieties of wood. These include pine, alder, white oak, red oak, teak, bamboo, ash, poplar, walnut, and maple. Some of the most popular woods for solid wood interior doors are poplar, pine, and alder. They are inexpensive and create a good sound barrier. Walnut is one of the most expensive varieties. It has a gorgeous deep brown color with a dense grain and texture.

Home Design With Solid Wood Doors

Solid wooden doors work to enhance a variety of home designs with their texture and style. Solid wooden barn doors complement rustic and farmhouse style. Painted or stained solid wood paneled doors have wide ranging applicability among such disparate styles including modern to classic.

What are Solid Core Doors?

Solid core doors have an exterior surface of wood veneer but are filled with wood composite material like MDF. Door experts tend to consider this a compromise door between solid wooden doors and hollow core doors. They are less expensive than solid wood doors but still have the look and feel of solid wood.

Solid core doors are heavy, often heavier than solid wood doors. They offer better soundproofing than some solid wood doors. These doors do not expand or contract with the weather but maintain their shape in all weather environments.

Style of Solid Core Doors

Manufacturers craft solid core doors in a wide variety of styles from slab doors and several styles of paneled doors. Also, you can customize the look of these doors with paint and stain.

Location of Use

Solid core doors are used as both interior and exterior doors. Solid core doors are used in many commercial applications. They are used as exterior doors in apartment and condominium spaces. Most office buildings use more interior solid core doors than any other kind.

What are Hollow Core Doors?

Hollow core doors are made from wood composite panels that have been glued together over a hollow core of plastic or honeycomb cardboard. These doors have become the most popular type of interior door as they are inexpensive and easy to install.

Style of Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core doors are molded. Thus, they come in a variety of slab or paneled styles. Hollow core doors are also used as bi-fold closet or pantry doors. They work with diverse home designs. Depending on the construction, you can paint or stain certain hollow core doors, though most are painted.

Location of Use

Hollow core doors are suitable for interior use and not exterior use. Hollow core wood doors are not good insulators of sound or weather. They are also not strong enough to withstand concerted efforts to break in.

What are Wood Clad Doors?

Wood-clad doors are also known as wooden composite exterior doors. They are doors crafted with different materials including wood as one of its components. Some homeowners value composite doors over solid wood front doors because it creates a door that is long-lasting and less maintenance.

For these doors, manufacturers create a door with two sides; the interior side is wood and the exterior side is another material like fiberglass or metal.

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