Vertical Garden Enchantment: Delving into the Magical World of Living Walls.

There’s more than one type of garden and more than one way in which you can design them. Vertical gardens, for example, are very special. They can be considered living art and some have managed to create some really impressive structures. Here are some amazing vertical gardens around the world that you should definitely see.


In Madrid, for example, you can find this beautiful vertical garden that looks like it takes over the building. It’s a spectacular living organism and you can see how all sorts of forms and shapes are formed with the help of the plants.

This is another stunning vertical garden and it can be found in Provence, Cote d’Azur. Notice the difference in shades and colors and how they are all combined in order to create this harmonious composition. It’s definitely something to admire while visiting the area.


Bordeaux also features a very interesting display of living plants. The balconies of this building represent vertical gardens. They create a very nice display and they also create symmetry in design. It’s a evry beautiful way of adding color to a building.


This wonderful vertical garden can be seen in Singapore. It impresses not only with its size but also with its mesmerizing colors and shades. The vertical garden becomes a spectacular background and it’s a great example of how this type of design can be adapted to the indoors.

Hong Kong also has a very interesting display at this beautiful hotel. The vertical garden in this case also presents a very well-defined shape and this adds to its charm. It has an almost sculptural look and it’s one of the many attractions here.


Australia has one of the most impressive and beautiful gardens you can find. The great thing about this particular vertical garden is that everything else included in the décor also adds to its charm. The color and shape of the doors, the lighting and everything else contributes to an overall impressive look.

The last amazing vertical garden we’ve included here can be found in Paris. It covers the Quai Branly Museum and it’s like a living organism that keeps the building warm and beautiful. The shape and design of the building were perfect for the project.

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